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Channel for cooperation, tunnel for integration 2010-10-28
The seventh Cross-Straits Information Technology Standard Forum opened in Fuzhou on Oct. 24th.

Mainland tourists to Taiwan to exceed 30,000 during holidays 2010-09-30
More than 30,000 Chinese mainland tourists are expected to travel to Taiwan.

City prepares for cross-Straits boost 2010-09-07
the construction of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone has begun as an "important measure benefiting people

The fruit born at the 6th PPRD Economic Cooperation Forum 2010-08-30
The 6th Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Economic Cooperation Forum sealed its curtain on August 29th.

Cross-Straits news camp opens to students 2010-08-16
China’s first Cross-Straits news camp for college students opened in Fuzhou on Aug 11, inviting the participation of students from the Chinese mainland and Chinese Taiwan.

The 9th Debate Competition of University Students across the Taiwan Straits ends 2010-07-26
The 9th Debate Competition of University Students across the Taiwan Straits ends.

Sixteen Universities from Chinese Taiwan and Chinese mainland will debate in Fuzhou 2010-07-22
The 9th debate competition made up of university students from both sides of Taiwan Straits will be held in Fuzhou from July 23, 2010 to July 25, 2010.

Direct flights from Fuzhou to Taiwan increase to 21 per week 2010-07-20
There are 21 direct flights per week from Fuzhou Changle International Airport to six Taiwan cities.

Fuzhou-Taiwan direct flights continue to grow 2010-07-16
The direct routes between Fuzhou and Taiwan have been widely applauded by travelers.

2010 Cross-straits Nature Discovery Camp starts 2010-07-14
The 2010 summer session of the Cross-straits Nature Discovery Camp began on July 12.

Passengers of Fuzhou-Taiwan direct flights continue to grow 2010-07-05
in the first half of 2010, the number of passengers on direct flights between Fuzhou and Taiwan was 8.82 times what it was in the first half of last year.

2010 Straits Fishery Week to be held in Fuzhou 2010-07-15
The 2010 Straits Fishery Week & 5th Fishery Expo is to be held at the end of September in Fuzhou.

Putting sustainability innovations into practical use 2010-07-12
The Cross Straits Technology and Projects Fair has been converting some of the country's technical innovations into reality.

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