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Taking the opportunity to improve the yuan exchange rate formation mechanism


The floating rate of the yuan against the dollar on interbank spot foreign exchange market widened from 1 to 2 percent, in early 2014.

Resource aggregation capacity – core for sustainable development of platforms


Resource aggregation capacity is a professional competence of platform operators who integrate various strategic resources to satisfy the need of platform development.

Challenges and suggestions to cross-border e-commerce development


The growth of China's traditional foreign trade has slowed in recent years, while the country's cross-border e-commerce has been developing rapidly.

Understanding of the 'construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics'


According to President Xi Jinping's instructions on the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics.

International experience and implications of PPP models


A Public—Private—Partnership (PPP) refers to cooperation between government and the private sector in providing goods and services.

Suggestions on power and expenditure responsibility separation


Separating power in a scientific way and making power commensurate with expenditure responsibility are an important part of a modern fiscal system.

Achievements in utilization of combustible ice in foreign countries


There is a large amount of combustible ice for high-quality energy that is efficient, clean, and low-carbon, and has been seen a potential alternative energy source for the future.

Improving China's fiscal and monetary policies


As China's economy started to change after 2003, it began adjusting fiscal and monetary policies to maintain stable economic operations during various phases of the economic cycle.