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Cyber Security in the Market-based Sector (No 167, 2015)


By Chen Xiaohong, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report No 167, 2015 (Total 4852)


In public service sectors in terms of politics, administration, military affairs and public security, there is strict net security surveillance, whereas cyber information in the market-based sector mainly relies on self-responsible market mechanism due to highly liberalized and personalized activities. However, market failures bring losses not only to market entities, but also to cyber community. Cyberspace demands strict external security and requires the government to should due responsibilities as well. Complexity and influence of cyber security far exceed those of traditional security, including transcending limitations of time and space, spreading instantly to the entire Internet, severe imbalance between cost inputs and outputs, which should be given adequate concern. To ensure cyber security in the market-based sector, we must address the following three issues. One, we should clarify the national strategy, formulate implementation plans for the strategy, and take cyber security in the market-based sector as a crucial component of the national cyber security network. Two, we should improve the supervision system for cyber security in the market-based sector, conduct categorized management in this regard, upgrade cyber security governance and take government-enterprise cooperation as cornerstone of cyber security regulation. And three, we should improve the national innovation system for support of China's cyber security industrial development, vigorously shore up the development of China's businesses, and especially place high focus on and give full play to the role of private businesses.