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Committee for Assessment of Academic Qualifications


The Committee for Assessment of Academic Qualifications of the DRC carries out the annual assessment of academic qualifications of the DRC’s researchers and formulates prerequisites for applicants of academic titles in accordance with national rules and regulations on academic qualification assessment and the practical situation of the DRC.

Academic Committee


The Academic Committee is the DRC’s top academic management body and its leader in research work.

General Office (Personnel Bureau)


The General Office (Personnel Bureau) is responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating administrative work, personnel affairs and research management of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC).

International Cooperation Department


The International Cooperation Department is in charge of management of international exchanges and cooperation of the DRC.

Department of Macroeconomic Research


This department analyzes and researches the macroeconomic situation and provides policy recommendations regarding the use of fiscal and monetary tools for sustained, rapid development of the nation's economy.

Research Department of Industrial Economy


This department researches industrial structure, organization, location, policy, competitiveness, government regulatory system, investment structure and policy for optimal industrial growth, and the relations among industries in the national economy and their coordinated development.

Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy


This department researches national strategies and policies for mid- and long-term economic development.

Research Department of Rural Economy


This department studies rural reform and development issues in regards to coordinated rural-urban development, institutional reforms, economic restructuring of agriculture and rural areas, and rural administration.

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