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Information Center


The main functions of the Information Center include collecting information and data required in the DRC’s research work and establishing an information-processing system

Service Center


The main responsibilities of the Service Center include: provide logistic services for DRC offices and staff; take care of the administrative affairs assigned by DRC; undertake the management of the state-owned assets of DRC in its possession and use.

Management World Magazine


Management World Magazine is an authoritative monthly on China’s economic and management issues from different perspectives.

China Economic Times


China Economic Times is a comprehensive daily newspaper focusing mainly on economic issues. The newspaper also covers social and cultural news.

Almanac of China's Economy


The Almanac of China’s Economy, launched in 1981, is financed by the State Council Development Research Center.

China Development Observation


This magazine was started by the State Council's Development Research Center, in 2005, as a monthly dealing with China's economic development and policies.

China Development Press


China Development Press is mainly responsible for publishing government principles and policies on economic and social development.

China Development Research Foundation


The China Development Research Foundation, initiated by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), was registered and established in November 1997.