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Analysis of Chinese Manufacturing Industry's Ability to Acquire Added Values in the Global Value Chains Division and Relevant Policy Options (No 107, 2015)


This paper gives a calculation of the ability of China's manufacturing industry in acquiring added value in the global value chains division

Analysis and Policy Options on the Performance of Real Estate Market (No 106)


Due to the impact of financial preferential policies, house sales in China were notably on the rise.

Promote Positive Interaction between Reform and Innovation and Develop New Growth Drivers (No 105, 2015)


Reform and innovation mark two major sources for productivity improvement under the new normal.

Experience Drawn from Public Hospital Reform in Developed Countries (No 104, 2015)


The government-run public hospital is in line with the universally adopted medical security system around the world.

To Promote Local Urbanization in a Scientific and Orderly Manner (No 103, 2015)


The urbanization rate in China is still experiencing a rapid growth, but the growth rate has dropped to the lowest level in the past 19 years.

To Establish a Comprehensive Internet Supervision System for Ecological Environment (No 102, 2015)


The basic ability and importance of supervision on ecological environment have become recognized by more and more people.

"Internet Plus" Promotes the Sixth-sector Industrialization in Rural Areas (No 101)


"Internet Plus conventional industries" leads to an integrated development of industrialization.

Further Promote SOE Staff Stock Ownership (No 100, 2015)


Staff stock ownership constitutes the main part of mixed ownership reform for state-owned enterprises as well as a major approach to establishing a long and medium-term incentive mechanism and improving corporate governance.