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Industrial utilization: Roadmap for comprehensive use of straw resources (No 27, 2015)


In China, the highly productive, widely distributed and various types of straw resources can be used as fertilizer, fodder, stroma, fuel and raw materials.

Targets and ways for development of shale gas during 13th Five-Year Plan Period (No 26, 2015)


China has, in the field of shale gas development, made great achievement in evaluation of resource potentiality, core technology, equipment system and enhancement of basic theory.

The use of reclaimed water in cities: Major restraints and countermeasures (No 25, 2015)


Reclaimed water, also known as the "second urban water resources", plays an important role in solving problems such as water shortage and pollution to water environment.

Deliberations on environmental management and reform under the new circumstances (No 24, 2015)


In the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China's economy will perform in a state of new normal in which opportunities of environmental management will coexist with challenges.

Living conditions and social problems of unregistered households (No 23, 2015)


According to the results of the sixth national census in China, more than 13 million people are unregistered residents.

Ways for coal industry to get off the hook through reform (No 22, 2015)


Since 2012, the economic benefit of coal industry has been largely decreased and coal enterprises have fallen into predicaments across the board and met with a number of obstacles.

Tourism integration for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region: Evident problems and corresponding policy suggestions (No 21, 2015)


The essence of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism integration is an issue of regional tourism cooperation.

Car market performance: Increased operational risks (No 20, 2015)


In 2014, China's car market witnessed a transition from high to medium-high growth speed.