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Mortgage of rural land management rights in Zhejiang Province (No 35, 2015)


Rural land management rights and agricultural productive assets are not regarded as valid pledge.

Two types of land expropriation in Taiwan and relevant implications (No 34, 2015)


In China's Taiwan province, general expropriation only applies to public welfare programs, taking the market land price as the benchmark to make compensations based on current government-declared value of land.

Taiwan's land redistribution methods and its implications (No 33, 2015)


The urban land redistribution system is an important way to share land profit in the process of urbanization in China's Taiwan province.

New trend of regional economic development and policy options (No 32, 2015)


As China's economic development has entered the new normal, the inside and outside environment has changed prominently.

Countermeasures for coping with Internet credit risks (No 31, 2015)


The Internet credit rises from the transplacement between supply and demand in financial system, which is conducive to bolstering the development of small and micro enterprises.

Establish a system-based water-saving mechanism (No 30, 2015)


A perfect and effective water-saving system is key to realizing the goal of water saving in the long run and it is also the basic principle for protecting national water security.

Master plan for constructing a national water security system (No 29, 2015)


National water security constitutes a major part of national security, relating to national resources security and ecological security, as well as national economic security and social security.

Inspirations from foreign country's punitive damages (No 28, 2015)


Punitive damages to infringement of IPRS constitute a major part of modern intellectual property protection system.