Lin Xiangxiong


Lin Xiangxiong
Lin Xiangxiong
Current position:

President, Innovation Fund

President, GCACS

Research fellow, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Advisory professor, East China Normal University in Shanghai

Visiting professor, Beijing Language and Culture University

Personal history:

Lin Xiangxiong was born in 1945 in Chao’an county, Shantou city, Guangdong province. In 1956, he left for Malaysia to stay with his father and attend school.

He studied fine arts in the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) from 1956-1968. He later studied fine arts in Paris from 1971-1973. He was engaged in artistic creation and economic investment in Europe for a long time from 1974-1983. Since 1983, the majority of his time has been spent touring around the globe to engage in artistic creation and business activities.

1. Fine arts activities

Lin held over 10 solo exhibitions in countries, such as Singapore and Thailand, from 1968-1990.

In 1990 and 1994, he was invited by China’s Ministry of Culture to hold solo arts exhibitions in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Taiyuan. During 1994-2008, he participated in many nation-level artistic activities in China and was often awarded.

In 1999, he was invited to attend and receive awards at the “Celebrating Macao's Return to the Motherland--Grand Exhibition of Chinese Art”. At the same year, he was sponsored and invited by a Chinese delegation of art critics to participate in the Nanyang (Southeast Asia) Arts Forum. In 2000, he attended the Henry Moore Sculpture Exhibition held by China’s and Britain’s ministries of culture, and served as the international group’s chairman at an international symposium.

In September 2003, Lin attended the China Beijing Biannual International Fine Arts Exhibition, where he presented a paper. He held an arts exhibition on the theme “Fusion of East and West” at the Deke Erh Art Centre in Shanghai, June 2005.

2. City planning

In 2003, he worked as design director and chief art advisor for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Village. His architectural design was awarded three top prizes and recommended by the International Olympics Committee.

In 2005, he was hired as director general and executive deputy director of the organizing committee for an event known as the Year of Sculptural Arts of Zhengzhou International City, which was held in the city of Zhengzhou, in China’s Henan province. He was in charge of overall planning and preparation for the event.

In 2003 and 2004, he managed large-scale architectural planning design projects in Beijing and Henan.

3. Artistic and cultural forums

1) Architecture

In 2004, he was appointed by the Chinese National Academy of Arts as a research fellow and consultant in the Architectural Arts Research Department. In April 2004, he was invited to participate in the Forum on the Development of Chinese Architectural Art and Culture where he presented a paper entitled Civilization Inherited and Inherited Civilization. That same year in August, he was invited to participate in the Seminar on the Protection and Development of Asian National Architecture where he presented a paper entitled Nature, Environment and Society. In September, he was invited to participate in the Exhibition of International Habitat Architectural Arts and Habitat Architectural Arts Forum of the First Biannual Chinese International Architectural Arts where he delivered a speech.

2) Chinese culture

In 2006, the Association for Yan Huang Culture of China appointed him as an honorary committee member and special consultant. From 2008 to 2012, he was invited to attend a number of international cultural and artistic symposiums and forums where he presented and published many research papers.

4. Cultural and artistic publications

1) Painting collection

He published four painting collections from 1980 to 1994. In 2012, he was preparing four hardcover painting collections for publication: Exploration between Heaven and Earth, Exploration in Southeast Asia, A Sad World, and Great Form Has No Shape.


During 1976-2012, he has published eight books of essays, art reviews and theories, which have been collected into the five-volume Collection of Xiangxiong’s Works. From 1990 to 1994, he published the Biography of Lin Xiangxiong. He also wrote four books of reviews and newspaper interviews in China from 1986-1994.

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