Introduction to Zhao Haixiang


Introduction to Zhao Haixiang

Zhao Haixiang

PhD graduate from the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University

Director of the Department of Environmental Art Design in the Academy of Art & Design, Minzu University of China

Founder of UP Architecture & Art Studio in 2012

Research areas:

Architecture and landscape design, visual art and design, and ethnic building culture.

Recent research and design has focused on modern architecture design’s social responsibility in cultural inheritance and design culture’s integrated communication strategy.

Books and papers:

Research on Monumental Space

Introduction to Ethnic Art of Architecture

National Style in Architecture

Reconsideration of Ethnic Buildings from a Global Perspective

Research projects:

Three projects organized by Minzu University of China: Basic Theory of Ethnic Building, Nationality in Ethnic Building, and Ethnic Building History

Urban Ecological System and Landscape Design, initiated by the Department of Culture of Shandong province

Design and Thinking of Modern Architects, a technical consulting project from the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Contact Zhao Haixiang at 8610-5171-7258.

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