More devices to help people keep fit

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More devices are coming out to help people to keep fit. The typical ones are Activité Pop and Activité, as well as the Apple Watch which seemingly draws the most attention.

Activité Pop

Withings announced a new line of colorful sleep-and-activity tracking timepieces on Sunday and the watch band comes in ridiculously named colors like "azure", "shark grey" and "sand". Though this Activité Pop features a classic watch face, it is capable of counting steps, identifying whether you are taking exercise, and monitoring sleep. Just like its many competitors, it filters all the information into an iOS and soon-to-come Android app, so it seems easy to set goals and follow progress.


The Activité was released in June 2014, and it performs similar functions like the Activité Pop, including measuring sleep quality and steps, tracking distance and estimating calories. However, as a Swiss-made watch, it costs 450 U.S. dollars because it contains all the same stuff as a typical luxury watch: a stainless-steel case, a sapphire glass face that doubles as a touchscreen, and a French-made leather strap.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a gorgeous little metal square with rounded edges, and it’s available in two screen sizes about 4.5 and 5 cm. Within each size, there are three models: Apple Watch; Apple Watch Sport; and the Apple Watch Edition. Apple watches provide a more complete picture of all-day physical activity because it measures not only the quantity of movement, but also quality and frequency. There’s also a separate workout app to learn about the way you move so as to suggest personalized daily fitness goals and encourage you to achieve them.

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