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Red tourism for foodies

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Red tourism for foodies

Beijing roast duck. [Photo/IC]

Red tourism used to be the synonym for the retired. With the coming of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, red tourism is enjoying great popularity throughout the country.

The young who are fashion conscious also start to join in to understand how the country has come so far.

In addition to walking and looking around those red tourist attractions and listening to revolutionary stories from tour guides, always don't forget the cuisines along the way! Now, start your journey of tasting "red food" while recalling the eventful years.

Part 1: the north


As the capital of China, Beijing is a real classic scenic spot of red tourism. On top of the Tian'anmen Square and the Monument of the People's Heroes, there exists the New Culture Movement Memorial of Beijing and Museum of the War of Peoples' Resistance against Japanese Aggression(1937-1945) in memory of that unforgotten time. What about its food?

Beijing roast duck

Roast duck is a famous dish in Beijing with worldwide reputation. It first appeared in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), which was the court food at that time. The high-quality materials used are Beijing meat duck and wood charcoal, making for its ruddy color and crispy outside, fat but not greasy.

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