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据《卫报》报道,周四晚间,在纽卡斯尔的英格兰球迷看到苏亚雷斯( Luis Suarez)为乌拉圭射进一球后的第一反应。酒吧里聚集的人们,为英格兰在本届世界杯上的欠佳表现而懊恼伤神。

When Phil Harrow drowned his sorrows following the Costa Rica victory that sent England home from the World Cup on Friday, he had to drink deeper than most fans. Gone were not just his dreams of football honours, but his plans for the much-vaunted supporters' song he wrote with his brother, Richard.

周五,英格兰负于哥斯达黎加,结束了本届世界杯之旅,菲尔·哈罗(Phil Harrow)借酒消愁愁更愁。英格兰梦碎巴西世界杯,与此同时,哈罗与哥哥理查德(Richard)计划为球迷写歌的心愿也泡汤了。

"I put everything into this, for all the right reasons," said Harrow, who is from north London. "I believed it was the passionate, patriotic thing to do."


His song Hope & Glory/The Eve of War was created in collaboration with Jeff Wayne, the creator of 1970s concept album War of the Worlds, at a cost of £30,000, and features the voice of actor Andy Serkis in a stirringly reworded rendition of one its best known tracks. Recorded at Abbey Road studios, it was billed as a rank outsider at first, yet had rapidly threatened to overtake Rik Mayall's posthumously popular offering as the nation's favourite World Cup song.

《希望与荣耀》和《决战之夜》是哈罗与概念专辑《世界大战》(War of the Worlds)的导演杰夫·韦恩合作的音乐,耗资3万英镑,其中安迪·瑟金斯(Andy Serkis)翻唱了自己早期的知名作品,其嗓音颇具亮点。录音在阿比路(Abbey Road)的音乐室完成,这些起初不被看好的曲子却一跃成为全英上下最火爆的世界杯歌曲,比著名谐星里克·梅奥尔(Rik Mayall)去世的噩耗还夺人眼球。

Harrow, of course, is not alone in his loss. The country's publicans and retailers are also grieving over hundreds of millions of pounds of lost sales as the football feelgood factor leaks away from the high street.


"There are thousands of publicans around the country weeping into empty beer glasses," said media commentator Mark Borkowski. "It's the people who benefit from the mood of the nation that are licking their wounds: the myriad who work in hospitality and the big supermarkets with their barbecue promotions. I'm pretty sure there's a warehouse somewhere in Hendon full of cheap plastic hats and inflatable Spitfires that were ready to be rushed out to market stalls around the country."

“全国各地得有多少酒店老板对着空空的酒杯黯然泪下啊,”媒体评论员马克·博尔科夫斯基(Mark Borkowski)说道。“正是那些本该从全民足球热潮中受益的人群伤得最深:大量服务行业以及促销烤肉的超市。我相信在亨顿的某个仓库里肯定堆满了廉价的塑料帽子和充气玩具,本来随时有可能售往全国各地。

Ahead of the tournament one report calculated that every goal scored by England was worth £200m to the retail and leisure industry. Early signs had pointed to a bonanza, with official data showing retail spending rising at the fastest pace in almost a decade. According to the Office for National Statistics, sales in sports shops during May were nearly 30% higher than last year.

世界杯之前就有一位记者估计,英格兰每进一个球将会为零售业及娱乐产业带去价值2亿英镑的收益。官方数据显示零售消费在过去短短10年间飞速增长,这是个好兆头。国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)指出,体育用品商店今年五月的销售额与上一年同比增长近30%。

At the start of last week, when hopes were high, JD Sports told the City that its World Cup-related sales were so good it daren't publish them for fear of "misleading" investors. Now JD must count the cost of lost sales and overstocks, like market leader Sports Direct, which enjoyed a sales boost in 2010 when England made it to the knockout stage.

上周伊始球迷们的热情还相当高涨的时候,英国著名运动时尚零售公司JD Sports宣称其世界杯相关产品十分畅销,以至于不敢推出新品以防“误导”投资商。如今,JD Sports不得不清算天价损失与积压的库存。曾在2010年因英格兰进入淘汰赛阶段而收获巨额利润的英国最大体育用品零售商Sports Direct也是如此。

Other retailers had also flagged World Cup boosts, with John Lewis showing a sharp weekly rise in demand for TVs, while sister chain Waitrose saw beer sales jump by 50%. Its barbecue meat sales almost doubled too, while sales of salads were up more than a third. "England's exit is definitely bad news for retailers," said Kantar Retail analyst Bryan Roberts. "It will have a discernible impact on shopping behaviour and there will have to be a lot of clearance activity on football tat."

其他零售商也损失惨重,伦敦百货商店约翰刘易斯(John Lewis)在短短一周内电视机销量激增,其连锁店维特罗斯(Waitrose)的啤酒销量飙升了50%。在烤肉营业额翻倍的同时,沙拉也突破了三分之一。“英格兰过早出局对零售商来说无疑是晴天大霹雳,”凯度零售咨询(Kantar Retail)分析师布赖恩·罗伯茨(Bryan Roberts)说道。“这会对购买行为产生显著的影响,后续还会有相关的促销活动。”

VoucherCodes.co.uk, which came up with the £200m-a-goal figure, said consumers would have spent as much as £1bn overall if England had got beyond the group stage. "England's devastating loss to Uruguay broke the hearts of millions of fans, and it's certainly disappointing to our retail and leisure industry too," said Claire Davenport, its managing director.

英国一家优惠券网站VoucherCodes.co.uk称,若英格兰成功出线,消费额将多达10亿英镑。“在与乌拉圭的对阵中,英格兰的惨败令球迷们心碎,也令我们的零售业以及娱乐产业大失所望,”网站总经理克莱尔·达文波特(Claire Davenport)说道。

The competition was predicted to deliver a more than 5% boost to UK advertising revenue, fuelled by spending on the special, although now less appealing, adverts fronted by England stars such as goalkeeper Joe Hart, who appeared for Gillette, Doritos and Head & Shoulders, and Wayne Rooney, who turned out for Samsung. The 2010 World Cup delivered a big fillip for ITV, but, after England's poor showing, that is unlikely this time.

按照预期,竞争将刺激超过5%的广告收入,广告商们面对的是英格兰球星,例如为吉列公司(Gillette),立体脆(Doritos)以及海飞丝(Head & Shoulders)代言的门将乔·哈特(Joe Hart)以及三星公司(Samsung)品牌代言人鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)。2010年世界杯为英国独立电视台(ITV)带去巨大收益,现在恐怕今非昔比了,毕竟英格兰在本届世界杯的表现不尽人意。

"If England had gone through there would have been a lot of advertising money for retail, be it for pizza, barbecues, anything you can think of to entertain yourself," said Chris Locke, group trading director of Starcom MediaVest Group.

“要是英格兰表现出色的话,零售商的广告收益将不可估量,无论是比萨饼还是烤肉,总之是一切你能想到的犒劳自己的东西,”Starcom MediaVest Group集团销售主管克里斯·洛克(Chris Locke)说道。

That spending he says, will now dry up: "People who haven't already committed to ads and have kept the budget to the side of the table will probably not spend that now."


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