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Kangxi ceremony performed in Chengde, N China

[2013-07-12 14:48]

Kangxi ceremony is performed in Chengde, North China's Hebei province, July 11, 2013.

Thangka Festival held in Tibet

[2013-05-23 10:50]

The Thangka Festival was held in Tibet, attracting many believers to the monastery to pray, get blessed and appreciate the big and vividly woven thangka.

Ending on an encore

[2013-03-05 10:20]

Chinese performers receive overwhelming applause on the second last stop of an annual Lunar New Year global tour.
Spring Festival in Australia
Chinese performers add color to Spring Festival in New Zealand

Road show brings Spring Festival cheer to Australia

[2013-03-01 14:05]

This is the second time the tour, launched by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of China's State Council, has reached Adelaide, capital city of South Australia, these days.

Chinese performers add color to Spring Festival in New Zealand

[2013-02-22 10:21]

Artists including Dong Wenhua, Yan Weiwen and Cai Guoqing, as well as Peking Opera masters Yu Kuizhi and Li Shengsu, are in Auckland, New Zealand for a two-night performance.

Lantern Festival losing its luster

[2013-02-21 13:48]

Lantern Festival, a tradition dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, marks the end of the two-week Lunar New Year celebration. Praise the Red Lantern

Overseas students celebrate Chinese New Year

[2013-02-05 17:25]

Overseas students learn tricks of magic in an activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Nanjing Agricultural University in Nanjing.

Chinese students in Sweden celebrate Spring Festival

[2013-02-05 14:46]

Local dancers perform song and dance drama "the White-haired Girl" during the variety show celebrating the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 3, 2013.

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