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Paper cutting artist follows his dream

Updated: 2014-01-13 10:26 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Paper cutting artist follows his dream

23-year-old Chang Yangyang, a young paper cutting artist and instructor, said his life's dream is to one day establish a paper cutting museum so people can learn more about the art form and grow to love it as much as he does.

To many people, Chang may come across as a little strange,, but the energetic young man loves to draw shapes on paper and cut them into pieces of art all day long while other men his age are busy pursuing their careers. The house he lives in was built 20 years ago and looks rather old, but he doesn't care. His mother once worried about his living conditions and complained that he should get married, go to work and earn money, but Chang told her, "I don't want a life like that; I want to do something I like."

Chang Yangyang is now a famous folk artist in Mengjin county, Henan province. His works have won many awards at various competitions.

"I thought paper cutting was interesting when I was a kid. After talking with paper cutting artists at competitions, I realized it was a folk art style, and got to know its social status and development."

Chang hopes there are more young people who are learning the art. It is for this reason he currently teaches the art of paper cutting at several local primary schools.[Photo/Xinhua]

Paper cutting artist follows his dream

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Paper cutting artist follows his dream

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Paper cutting artist follows his dream

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