Beijing slams US intrusion near Nanshas

Beijing slammed Washington for sending a warship to waters adjacent to one of its islands in the South China Sea, saying the action will only prompt Beijing to strengthen its defense.


Care home offers youth cheap rent

Young singles who do volunteer work at a nursing home in Shanghai, which will open next month, will be able to exchange hours for rent at the facility.


Emojis? They're more than just a smiley face

Who knew, until it was published in China Daily and other media outlets this week, that there is an international nonprofit agency that zealously maintains global standards for emojis?


Europe seeks to crack damaging egg scandal

BRUSSELS - The European Union will call an emergency meeting of ministers over insecticide-tainted eggs, European Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said on Friday, appealing for an end to "blaming and shaming" over the scandal.


Marriott eyes China's online travel market

Hotel group Marriott International and e-commerce giant Alibaba announced a wide-ranging partnership in the form of a new joint venture on Monday in Shanghai. Following the announcement,

Weekend Life

On the horse of high expectations

Once upon a time, at the end of the best fairy tales, they all lived happily ever after. And then along came the animation film franchise, in which case if you wanted to know what happened in the end you would just have to wait for the sequel.


A Fusion Of Ancient And Modern Fashion

Long before the invention of the qipao, or the cheongsam, there was a similar-looking type of clothing that most Chinese wore starting from as early as the 26th century BC.


Freshly Roasted

So why do they call you "furious"?


Night Riders In Beijing

The new tram tours cover Nanluoguxiang, Shichahai and historical and cultural sites

Goings On

Best bets

National Theatre of China Drama Dorogaya Yelena Sergeevna


Bialik: Being a girl is more complicated now

Mayim Bialik is one of the highest-paid actresses on television,


Game of Thrones: Who are the Unsullied?

A look at the history and inspiration behind the eunuch warriors