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Actor loses role because of unclear attitude over Taiwan

By Yang Wanli (China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-16 07:03

A mainland Chinese director is changing a main actor in her new film after netizens renewed calls to boycott the movie over the actor's support for "Taiwan independence".

The crew released an announcement on Weibo on Friday, saying that they will change cast member Leon Dai, since the actor didn't show a "clear" attitude toward whether he is a supporter of "Taiwan Independence".

The announcement said that there is no border in the arts society, but artists should maintain emotions for where they are from and the people who support them, and no hesitation can be allowed on this matter.

"I will never forget my identity as a Chinese person. To me, the State and national interests take precedence over anything else," said director Zhao Wei on her Weibo.

Dai was criticized for having participated in activities advocating "Taiwan independence".

Ma Xiaoguang, the mainland's Taiwan affairs spokesman, said last year that the central government never allows people on the mainland to make money supporting "Taiwan independence" separatist activities, or destroying relations across the Taiwan Straits.