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Text of Premier Li's press conference


Updated: 2015-03-15 14:07:30


Q: I am with Austrian Radio and Television. I have a question on foreign policy that is very burning for the Europeans. The continuing presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

What is the position of China? Does China think that it corresponds to international law? A couple of days ago, Russian President Putin mentioned on Russian television how we planned the invasion of Crimea. Is Crimea for China a part of Russia now or is it still a part of Ukraine?

A: China follows an independent foreign policy of peace. On the issue of Ukraine, China has adopted an objective and just position.

We respect Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Some time ago in my meeting with the president of Ukraine when I visited some European countries, these are also the words that I said to him. He then asked me if he could make them public. I said no problem, use my words and publish them in newspaper.

At the same time, the issue of Ukraine has added to the complexity of the geopolitical situation and also asserted its impact on the process of economic recovery. We hope that there will be a negotiated settlement of this issue through dialogue. As for Crimea, there are complex causes behind this issue.

We also hope to see a political settlement of this issue through dialogue. We hope that there will be harmonious co-existence between neighbors, and what we hope to see is that there will be the pursuit of common development and win-win outcomes between European countries, between all countries in the world. I believe that is in the interests of all sides, China included. Thank you.

Text of Premier Li's press conference

Q: I am with People's Daily. Just now you mentioned that you bought books on the Internet. my question is about books. We know that the government work report needs to cover a lot of grounds, and each year there are some slight changes. For two years in the running, to encourage people to read has been highlighted in the government work report. I would like to know why would you care so deeply about this, and can you share with us your experience about reading?

A: Last year in drafting the government work report, I listened views from representatives from various circles, and I have found that not only people from the cultural and publishing sectors but also those from economic and business circles have suggestions that the government needs to give further support to encourage reading among all the people. And the government needs to write this part into its work report. They also said that they feel deeply concerned that the average per capita amount of reading in China is only about one-tenth of that some other countries in the world. What they said have given me a lot of food for sought, and it also made me feel that it shows our people not only want to pursue an increase in material wealth, but also alarm for better nourishments of mind.

Books and reading have been essential in carrying forward human civilizations. Reading is what I enjoy most in my spare time. It makes me feel wealthy and reading has been the most rewarding experience in my life. I hope that our people can foster a life of reading and as our people's amount of reading on growth, I believe it is also a very important symbol for further social and cultural progress in China. I hope that more people can make reading a kind of way of life, and also find it is very useful once on work. Reading can further unlock the potential for innovation in our development and boost and enhance civic morality. That is why I have for two years running written this in to the government work report and I believe that will also be the case for next year's government work report.

Text of Premier Li's press conference

Q: I am with Hong Kong Satellite TV. How do you respond the recent border situation between China and Myanmar?

A: What you asked made me distressed as some Chinese residents lost their lives and assets. I am expressing my deepest condolence and sympathy to the relatives of victims caused by the conflict in Myanmar. In the meantime, Chinese government is negotiating with the Myanmar side to protect Chinese people's interests. China has both responsibility and ability to safeguard stability of its borders with Myanmar.

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