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Text of Premier Li's press conference


Updated: 2015-03-15 14:07:30


Q: I am with China National Radio. My question is about 2014 China's anti-corruption action as investigated many high-ranking officials, or "big tigers".

I would like to know what more steps will be taken to enhance institution-building in fighting corruption. You also once said that it is also corruption for government officials to be indolent or not performing their duties, so what steps would you take to solve the problem involving those "do nothing" officials?

A: The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government are committed to combating corruption and upholding integrity, since the 18th National Party Congress, the central committee of the CPC with comrade Xi Jinping as General Sectary has been taking strong efforts to ensure that all likes of corruption will be brought to account and in this process a number of high-ranking corruption officials have been investigated and dealt with, our efforts have yielded good results, and won people's supports.

In enhancing institution-building in fighting corruption, we will have better resources to address both the symptoms and root cause of corruption. First we need to ensure that we run the country in according with the law and everyone is equal before the law, and no one is above the law.

Second, we need to press ahead the reform of the administrative system. Just now I mentioned the reform government to stream line administration and delegate powers.

This is to limit the breathing space for corruption including rent-seeking, as rent seeking is actually a common feature of various kinds of corruption.

Third, the supervision and education will also be strengthened. We must make sure that government power is exercised in a transparent way and subject to public oversight.

All civil servants must enhance their self-discipline, and government power can only be used for public good not personal gains. There must be no acting irresponsibly or inaction on the part of government officials. And there is no rule for incompetence, or indolence on the part of government officials. We also need to step up the accountability system.

Text of Premier Li's press conference

Q: I am with The Straits Times. How the new normal developing model affects and benefits China? And what impact it will bring to the country and the world?

What is your perspective in viewing the new normal model?

A: As Chinese economy has entered the phase of the new normal, this year we set the anticipated GDP rate approximately 7 percent. It is true that we have adjusted downward somewhat our GDP growth target, but it will by no means easy to meet this target.

Because China's economic aggregate keeps expanding and now the size of Chinese economy is valued at about $10 trillion, so 7 percent increase in today China's economy is equivalent a total size of the economy of a medium-sized country.

We want further upgrade China's economy to a medium level of development and maintain China's economic at a medium speed. We want pursue a growth that has improved quality and performance, this will help to build a solid foundation for us to achieve modernization, it would also be China's contribution to global economic growth.

I sense some concerns in your question about China economic growth and when that journalist from Bloomberg asked me question there was also such worries about slowing economic growth in China.

I have said in many occasions under this new normal state, we need to ensure that China's economy operates within a proper range and if our growth speed can't hold to lower range of our range of economic operation and effect the employment situation and increase of people's income, we are prepared to step up our targeted macro-economic regulation to boost the current market confidence while at the same time maintaining continuing about macro-economic policies to meet long-term market expectations.

The good news is in the past a couple of years, we did not result to massive stimulus measures for economic growth that has made possible for us have fairly underroom to exercise macro-economic regulation and we still have the host of policy instrument at our disposal.

As a same time, I realized there is considerable downward pressure on China's growth and we still face multiple challenges, this requires the government must strike a proper balance between maintaining steady growth and making structural adjustment.

In weiqi, a kind of chess board game invented by Chinese one is to plans on the big site and get the key rule right, when it come to China's economy, we must meet both and maintain steady growth and making structural adjustment. This will be able to get a handle on big situation, this requires that we have a vision, persuasion and courage. With joint effort, we are able to maintain the long-term positive effect for the overall Chinese economy.