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Xi urges socialist values for children

Updated: 2014-05-31 00:48 (Xinhua)

Xi urges socialist values for children

Chinese President Xi Jinping poses for a group photo with students and teachers during his visit at Beijing Haidian National Primary School in Beijing, capital of China, May 30, 2014. Xi attended an activity to celebrate the upcoming International Children's Day at the primary school. [Photo/Xinhua]

BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for fostering socialist values among children while sending greetings ahead of Saturday's International Children's Day.

Xi visited a primary school in Haidian district in northern Beijing on Friday morning, attending school activities and meeting students, their parents and teachers.

While wishing children across the country a happy holiday, Xi stressed that children are the future of the country and the hope of Chinese people.

"All sectors of society should work together to nurture the seeds of socialist values in their heart so that the values can take root and germinate," he said at the meeting.

To move forward, China needs to inherit and develop its traditions, especially virtues cherished by generations, Xi said.

The "socialist core values" that the country now upholds embody the thoughts of ancient masters, the aspirations of the nation's role models, ideals of revolutionary martyrs and expectation of all Chinese people, he said.

China enhances drug safety for childrenThese values should take root in the heart of every Chinese, children in particular, the president added.

Families, schools, children's associations and the whole society should all take responsibility for promoting socialist values among children, according to Xi.

He urged parents to set the example for their children and guide them to embrace virtues, as well as schools to not only teach knowledge but also cultivate characters.

The Chinese Young Pioneers, the country's largest children's organization, should unite and educate children through organizing healthy activities. Meanwhile, society should provide a favorable environment for children to grow up in and prevent violation of their rights and damage to their physical and psychological health, Xi said.

He also called on Chinese children to study hard, follow suitable role models and develop themselves.

Xi's speech was received by several rounds of applause. After the meeting, students surrounded him, shaking his hand and having their picture taken with the country's leader.

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