Territorial disputes remain an obstacle

By vincent01(Shanghai) ( bbs.chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2013-10-03

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The territorial disputes remain an obstacle in Sino-ASEAN relations. How China decides to pursue its territorial and resource claims vis-à-vis ASEAN claimants will be a litmus test of China's attitudes towards ASEAN and its perception of its emerging role as the big power of the region. To a lesser extent, relations may also be negatively affected by internal problems involving treatment of ethnic Chinese minorities, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia.



President Xi visits Indonesia, Malaysia, attend APEC summit

Oct 2 to 3: Pay State Visit to Indonesia

Oct 4 to 5: Pay State Visit to Malaysia

Oct 6 to 8: Attend the 21st economic leaders' meeting of APEC forum and meet with global leaders in Bali, Indonesia


Xi's visit historic

Xi makes a historic trip to the land where countless generations of Chinese have emigrated to, settled down, and melded into.

China-Indonesia tie important

ASEAN members take lead from Indonesia being the largest of them all in many ways. China's relationship with it must get better.