CPC vows corruption crackdown

Updated: 2012-01-10 19:39


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BEIJING - The discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Tuesday said "the task of anti-corruption remains arduous," and new anti-graft achievements should be scored ahead of the Party's 18th National Congress.

A communique released Tuesday at the end of a three-day plenary session of the CPC's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) pointed out that "the anti-graft situation is still severe and the anti-corruption task is still arduous."

The communique said China's current fight against corruption comes while the international environment is severe and complicated, and the domestic economic system and social structure are undergoing significant changes.

The war on corruption has scored evident achievements, but prominent problems still exist, and although anti-corruption efforts have been intensified, corruption still occurs, it said.

The general situation also features people's higher expectations for anti-corruption achievements coexisting with the fact that the corruption phenomena cannot be eradicated in the short term, it said.

The plenary session of the CPC's discipline watchdog stressed that to better do the anti-corruption work is of great significance in 2012, in which the 18th National Congress of the CPC will be held.

The plenary session held that the long-term and fundamental works in the fight against corruption should be carried out this year, and the problems relating to anti-corruption should be resolved.

Enforce discipline & improve work style

The Party will enforce strict discipline, said the communique.

Education about political discipline shall be enhanced, to ensure that members and cadres of the CPC keep highly consistent with the CPC Central Committee, of which Hu Jintao serves as the general secretary.

Organizational discipline shall be highlighted amid the elections of Party committees at various levels, and the whole process of election and promotion of officials shall be put under scrutiny.

The communique also vowed strict inspection on the implementation of key policies introduced from the central level, especially on the transformation of economic development pattern.

Meanwhile, bad practices of infringing upon the people's interests must be corrected, the communique said, urging efforts to improve the work style of the CPC and forge closer relations between Party officials and the masses.

"The harmful trends in a few Party officials, of divorcing themselves from the masses, being overbearing and having a very serious 'special privilege' mentality, must be rectified," the communique said.

Improved system for corruption control

Greater efforts will be made to build a system of corruption prevention and control in a bid to further the anti-corruption fight and promote cleanness and honesty among Party officials, said the communique.

Cases arising from construction projects, property development, land management and ore mining, and those concerning insider trade, connected transactions and tunneling will be handled in a serious manner, it said.

It vowed strict investigation of cases involving violations of political and personnel disciplines, perversion of justice for bribes, and providing protection for criminal gangs.

China will step up a crackdown on commercial bribery and toughen penalties for offering bribes, according to the communique.

Efforts will also be made to tap the positive role of new media, including the Internet, in facilitating China's anti-corruption drive.

Besides efforts to improve the anti-corruption system, China will upgrade its special campaigns against corruption in key areas that have been the subject of complaints from the public, the communique said.

China will wage a resolute war on soaring corruption in construction-related sectors, and strive to stem the abuse and overuse of ceremonies, seminars and forums.

Problems regarding public-funded vehicles will be targeted, the document said, adding that China is determined to decrease the total of such vehicles and improve regular inspection.

Furthermore, China will continue the fight on irregularities concerning officials taking cash gifts, securities, pre-paid commercial cards and seizing undue benefits from housing units allocation and trade.