China to freeze terrorists' assets

Updated: 2011-10-24 13:36

By Zhao Yinan (

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BEIJING - China will upgrade its anti-terrorism efforts by creating a verified database of terrorist names and the ability to block their assets, if the top legislature approves a draft decision submitted by the State Council.

Despite a series of regulations to prevent terrorism, the lack of a clear definition of what constitutes terrorist activity and a list of organizations has impeded the work to crack down on those want to wage attacks against China, said Yang Huanning, vice minister of Public Security at the bimonthly meeting of the top legislature which opened on Monday.

In the draft bill, terrorist activities are defined as "behaviors that have caused or intended to cause casualties, major economic loss, damages to public facilities, social disorder and other activities that endanger society through violent, destructive, threatening and other measures in order to cause social panic and coerce the government and international organizations".

The decision also allows the country's leading anti-terrorism facility under the State Council to verify a list of terrorist names and its organizations, so the country can block their assets.