Chinese media mourn tenth anniversary of 9/11

Updated: 2011-09-11 13:08


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BEIJING - A decade after hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers on Manhattan, most Beijing-based newspapers carried articles to mark the event's tenth anniversary, but just as they usually did for an international news.

Many of the leading newspapers put the 9/11 anniversary story on their international news page, mourning the dead and denouncing terrorist activities.

The People's Daily, the leading Party newspaper in China, published a news story titled "US starts serial events to mark the ten anniversary of 9/11," which covered US President Barack Obama's weekly radio and Internet address, responses from the United Nations, European Union and countries like Pakistan. It did not mention China's comments on this event.

It cited international newspapers that the anti-terrorism campaign led by US has made significant achievements, but it has weakened the national power of US and added debt to the country.

The war did not put an end to international terrorism, otherwise, the world is becoming even more unsafe, it quoted an international newspaper as saying.

The Beijing News reported in its international news page that security check was tightened in New York when the 9/11 tenth anniversary drew near, due to terrorist attack warnings from the US security department.

It carried an article titled "Anti-terrorism brings turbulence to the world", saying that US has owed a debt to Iraq and there is overraction in the campaign. It hints that the anti-terrorism war was a major factor that eventually triggered the financial crisis.

The Liberation Army Daily did not carry a report on the event. Neither did the Guangming Daily.

The China Daily, which focused on English-speaking Chinese and international readers, frontpaged the story of 9/11 tenth anniversary but in a similar objective way as the People's Daily.

Two newspapers in Chinese, the China Youth Daily and Southern Weekly, carried a frontpage story of this event but in a different tone.

The China Youth Daily put on a human interest story on how 9/11 affected the whole generation of US youth, with interviews of several young Americans to convey their painful feelings, while the Southern Weekly carried an in-depth report on the aftermath of 9/11, titled "New York doesn't believe in hatred."

The event went high on the agenda of China's leading websites but not on the headlines.

Leading gateways like Sina and Sohu as well as news websites like Xinhuanet and put the story on the place following Chinese President Hu Jintao's speech on the country's Teacher's Day or the earthquake in east China.

However, twitter-like Weibo launched an on-line campaign to mark the 9/11, named "Say goodbye to terror with peace." Netizens are requested to post a microblog writing "peace" in their native language.

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