Ideas supporting China-US partnership important

Updated: 2009-07-06 20:46

John Milligan-Whyte, President of Center for America-China Partnership, said in an interview with that dialogues between US think tanks on the ideas that support US-China partnership are of great importance for both countries.

He said ideas on how the partnership would improve "can be debated and (we can) see if (those ideas can) gain popularity in the US."

As a panelist during discussions on think tanks exchange and major economic issues at the two-day Global Think Tank Summit, Whyte expressed his support for and belief in US President Obama as one of four presidents who can "save the United States from failure" and form a stronger relationship with China.

Story: Du Wenjuan | Video: Xu Yang & Yu Chenkang

The first Global Think Tank Summit will be held in Beijing from July 2-4, where close to 100 top-notch think tanks from home and abroad will be represented, including the Brookings Institution.
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International Financial and Economic Crisis and Global Economic Outlook
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II: Sustainable Development and Macro-economic Policies
III: Cooperation and Responsibilities of Multinationals during the Financial and Economic Crisis
IV: Global Consumption, Savings and Financial Security
V:  Idea Exchange with Global Think Tanks on Key Economic Issues
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