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Highlights of report on Supreme People's Procuratorate

Updated: 2009-03-10 16:02

BEIJING  -- China's Prosecutor-General Cao Jianming is to deliver a report on the work of the Supreme People's Procuratorate Tuesday afternoon at the Second Session of the 11th National People's Congress.

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The following are the highlights of Cao's report, the text of which was distributed to media before the opening of the third plenary meeting of the annual parliamentary session:


-- Approved the arrest of 952,583 suspects of various crimes and prosecuted 1,143,897, an increase of 3.5 percent and 5.7 percent, respectively, from the previous year.

-- Investigated 33,546 cases concerning graft, malfeasance and infringement on people's civil rights, involving 41,179 people; prosecuted 33,953 people involved in 26,684 such cases. Among the total there were 17,594 major graft cases, 3,211 major cases of malfeasance and infringement on people's civil rights, and 2,687 officials at the county level and above, including 181 at the prefecture level and four at the province or ministry level.

-- Investigated 10,315 cases of commercial bribery committed by government workers, involving a total sum of more than 2.1 billion yuan .

-- Enhanced examination of second trial cases involving death penalty, exploring ways for legal supervision over the review of death penalty judgment.

-- Appealed against 11,459 civil and administrative judgments or rulings, a drop of 3 percent from the previous year; and proposed the re-trial of 5,222 cases, a drop of 12.9 percent year on year.

-- Asked to make correction on the prolonged detainment of 181 people, an increase of 112.9 percent; and corrected improper commutation of punishment, parole and temporary execution of sentence outside jail of 4,990 people, an increase of 34.6 percent.

-- Prosecuted 3,320 suspects involved in making shoddy food and medicine, a rise of 21.4 percent year on year.

-- Investigated 555 government workers suspected of misusing their powers for illegal detainment, revenge or sabotage of elections.

-- Punished 258 prosecutors for acts of breach of discipline or the law, with 24 of them brought to court.


-- Redouble the effort to provide judicial support to ensure the steady and relatively rapid growth of the national economy by giving fully play to the role of procuratorial organs in crackdown on and prevention of crimes, supervision and judicial protection.

-- Intensify the effort to maintain social harmony and stability through strict law enforcement, while exploring a work mechanism for correctly handling problems among the people and properly dealing with complaints.

-- Pay more attention to people's livelihood through striking hard the production and sale of poisonous and harmful food and medicine, investigating dereliction of duty behind major workplace safety and food security cases.

-- Go all out to strengthen legal supervision over litigation for maintaining and promoting judicial justice.

-- Deepen the reform of work mechanism of the procuratorial organ and improve the transparency and credibility of law enforcement by procuratorial organs.

-- Improve the competence of procurators.

An editorial of the People's Daily has called on China's top political advisory body to made due contributions to help the country weather through difficulties.