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Doing his best to make it better

[2015-07-20 11:15]

Wang Zhongbing has been mayor of Zhanjiang for five years and he wants to transform the southernmost city of Guangdong into eco-city.

Industry supports revival of port city

[2015-07-20 10:51]

The city of Zhanjiang is looking to revive the glories of days gone by when it was a starting port on the ancient Maritime Silk Road by building a modern-day industry hub with the help of state-of-the-art technologies.

Customs alliances look to spur trade

[2015-07-20 10:46]

The Zhanjiang Customs District plans to enhance cooperation with its counterparts at Dampier port in Australia and Singapore in a pilot program to build alliances with overseas ports.

Zhanjiang port's cargo throughput hits record high in first half

[2015-07-14 16:54]

Cargo throughput of Zhanjiang port hit a record high of 114.3 million tons in the first half of this year, an increase of 8.2 percent year-on-year, according to Zhanjiang Transportation Bureau on Saturday.

City embarks on journey of innovation

[2015-07-14 16:11]

Over the next few years, accelerating the development of new strategic industries and establishing an innovation and technology management system will be the main focuses for the city of Zhanjiang.

Zhanjiang seeks UNESCO status for unique history

[2015-07-14 08:05]

Zhanjiang, where the ancient Maritime Silk Road began more than 2,000 years ago, is seeking to join in China's effort to gain UNESCO World Heritage status.

University draws foreigners for academics and lifestyle

[2015-07-14 08:05]

Belarus-born piano teacher Katia Jurova moved to China almost by chance. But nearly five years after she first set foot in Zhanjiang, Jurova said she feels the city in southern China has offered her everything she needs to grow professionally and emotionally.

E-commerce set to spice things up for nation's chili pepper producers

[2015-07-14 08:05]

Cai Pingzhen, general manager of Zhanlu Agriculture Technologies Co, can talk for hours about the huge range of chili peppers that grow at her 200-hectare production base.

Seafood industry adapts to market changes

[2015-07-14 08:05]

With China's seafood industry no longer enjoying a "golden era" amid soaring labor costs and shrinking demand from overseas countries, many seafood producers are keen to upgrade their products, according to industry experts.

Economic and trade office promotes merits of Zhanjiang in Germany

[2015-07-14 08:05]

Zhanjiang, a city in the southwest of Guangdong province, is an example of China's coastal cities that are becoming increasingly more important in the general economic development of the country.

Baosteel prioritizes environment in designs

[2015-07-14 08:05]

Baosteel Group, the largest steelmaker in China, plans to make breakthroughs in energy saving and environmental protection at its new complex in Zhanjiang.

Zhanjiang Baosteel Base launches giant converter

[2015-07-13 16:08]

A 350-ton steel converter developed by Baosteel Group started operation in the Zhanjiang Baosteel Base on June 12.

Zhanjiang speeds up development

[2015-07-13 15:37]

Zhanjiang, a coastal city in the southwest of Guangdong province, is speeding up efforts to shift from an agriculture-based economy into one driven by clusters of major industries, such as shipbuilding, petrochemicals and steelmaking.

City's fortunes transform over time

[2015-07-13 15:35]

The map of China has often been likened to the image of a rooster. If so, Zhanjiang is the foot. A chicken foot may not be noticeable, but those who have tasted it know how delectable it can be, especially when it's enriched by layers of history, writes Raymond Zhou.

High-tech zone targets ASEAN investment

[2015-07-13 15:34]

Having the only industrial park targeting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Guangdong province, the Fenyong High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Zhanjiang has built close connections with Thailand and Indonesia and has made it a priority this year to attract investment from Southeast Asian countries.

Zhanjiang plans Haidong as new business heart for city

[2015-07-13 15:34]

Zhanjiang plans to make Haidong New District the new business heart of the city, taking a role similar to that of Pudong New Area in Shanghai.

Zhanjiang ready to berth growth in business

[2015-07-13 15:32]

The logistics industry in Zhanjiang is expecting a major boost in transactions as the coastal city in western Guangdong vigorously increases its port throughput capacity.

A port of promise

[2015-07-13 15:13]

Zhanjiang Port is working to become one of the top distribution centers of iron ore in China through expansion of its throughput capacity and deals with Brazilian mining giant Companhia Vale do Rio Doce.

$500m infrastructure projects launched in Zhanjiang

[2015-07-13 14:34]

Twelve auxiliary projects worth of 3.3 billion yuan ($514.22 million) are under construction at the Steel Base of Zhanjiang Development Zone, said Zhanjiang Daily.

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