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Beijing slams spying on Huawei

[2014-03-25 07:16]

Beijing wants a clear clarification from Washington over a report that the US National Security Agency infiltrated servers of the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Ctrip fixes loophole to safeguard user information

[2014-03-24 10:07], China's leading travel site, said Sunday it has fixed a loophole in its website that could lead to leaks of users' payment information.

Report: NSA targeted Chinese tech giant Huawei

[2014-03-24 09:06]

US intelligence agencies hacked into the email servers of the Chinese tech giant 5 years ago, fearing it a threat to US national security.

Cisco puts China HQ in Hangzhou

[2014-03-18 21:32]

Cisco announced the establishment of its China headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Tuesday as a part of the company's plan to participate in developing the country's smart-connected industry.

Visitors from around the globe attend Cloud China 2014

[2014-03-14 15:40]

Cloud China 2014, a three-day exhibition focused on promoting applications of cloud computing and optimizing the environment of information consumption, ended in Beijing on March 7.

Brand challenge of smart and wearable bands

[2014-02-25 07:29]

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has shown faith in the fledgling smart wearable market with the world's first hybrid smart band for both Bluetooth calling and fitness tracking.

Xiaomi to launch online sale of high-end Mi3 phone in Taiwan

[2014-02-21 10:56]

China's handset maker Xiaomi will launch an online sale of its high-end Mi3 phone in Taiwan on Feb 26, 2014.

Real Toy Story on show

[2014-02-09 08:40]

About 20,000 used plastic toys have taken up a whole wall of K11 Art Mall, a shopping mall in Shanghai with abundant luxury brands and artistic works on display.

Models at Taipei Game Show 2014

[2014-01-24 13:57]

The Taipei Game Show is the only game show in Taiwan. The show this year will last from January 23 to 27.

First official iPhone 5S sold in China

[2014-01-18 08:00]

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook on Friday drummed up iPhone 5S sales in Beijing by shaking hands and giving out signatures to customers at an outlet of China Mobile Ltd.

Steve Wozniak meets Chinese geeks for the 1st time

[2014-01-11 20:34]

Steve Wozniak meets Chinese geeks for the 1st time

Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show to kick off

[2014-01-08 09:44]

The Consumer Electronics Show will kick off in the casino city of Las Vegas on Tuesday. The annual event hopes to be a launch pad for new must-have devices, as spending on gadgets has flattened in a world obsessed with smartphones and tablets.

Consumer interest in wearable technology significant

[2014-01-07 13:32]

Wearable products are believed to be one of the highlights of the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Museum preserves hutong history

[2013-12-12 09:41]

Beijing's hutong, the traditional narrow alleys that wind through the city, are struggling to survive, slowly disappearing in the name of modernization.

Nantong Abacus Museum

[2013-12-05 10:19]

China Nantong Abacus Museum, located along the northern bank of the Haohe River, is the world’s largest museum of its kind.

Ron Mueck: depicting realism through sculpture

[2013-11-19 10:07]

Ron Mueck is a hyperrealist sculptor, whose art features body figures and is made of fiberglass and resin materials.

3D light show displayed in Shanghai

[2013-11-16 11:09]

A 3D light show is displayed on the City Square under the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, East China, Nov 15, 2013.

Is it still Halloween?

[2013-11-14 10:26]

Cosplayers show off their costumes on Wednesday in Beijing at the Mobile Developer Conference China, one of the nation's largest exhibitions focusing on mobile games.

Tencent hosts WE Summit in Shenzhen

[2013-11-11 14:35]

The first WE Summit as it is, it is themed as "Way to Evolve". World-class Internet pioneers and cross-border innovators have been invited to the summit on Nov 10, 2013 in Shenzhen.

Art Taipei 2013: longest-running art fair in Asia

[2013-11-09 13:51]

Art Taipei 2013, the longest-running art fair in Asia, was open to public on Nov 8, 2013, presenting over 3000 artworks of more than 500 artists.