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Time to put people's WeChat use into perspective

[2017-06-16 07:50]

Among the 938 million active monthly users of WeChat (and that's already more than two-thirds of the world's most populous nation), at least one-third spend a solid four hours or more on the app.

Student startups, entrepreneurial culture and all that

[2017-05-31 08:30]

Should one stay self-employed or secure a decent job? That's the question confronting many Chinese youngsters these days.

A few tips on how to improve service delivery quality

[2017-03-09 07:37]

As China is moving up the value chain and calling for an economic transformation which attaches more importance to the service industry, it should be noted that the feelings of users when being offered services makes the biggest difference.

Poodle care proves to be perilously expensive proposition

[2017-03-02 07:31]

Dog food sales alone are expected to almost treble to over $760 million by 2019, Euromonitor data show, as increasing disposable incomes make keeping a pet an affordable luxury for more Chinese, especially in more developed cities.

Wine retailer has many reasons to be cheerful

[2017-02-16 07:55]

The success of wine retailer Cheers in China can teach us important lessons on how to build a successful business.

Companies need more targeted approach toward elderly

[2017-02-07 09:01]

When I lined up to board the Princess Cruise with my parents in October, I was surprised to find so many senior citizens around us. Most of the travelers, as far as I could see, were in their 60s or 70s.

How to turn 'wasted' time into learning time

[2016-12-23 07:31]

According to Forbes, internet radio is the next big thing in media, due to the personalized listening experience it offers and its precisely targeted advertising, thanks to the big data era and the widespread use of smartphones around the globe.

Apps for young people revive an old business model

[2016-12-22 08:07]

For most of us, the convenience of online shopping probably still means browsing through multitudes of merchandise at fingertips and making a purchase on the cell phone or website when there is a demand.

Tongyang success teaches how to save a business

[2016-12-20 07:49]

The visit, although very brief, offered me a peek into one of the biggest and yet most mysterious financial conglomerates in China and the way it manages its overseas subsidiaries.

Dark side of the biz-tech marriage shadows consumers

[2016-12-15 07:37]

Technology, it seems, isn't just the preserve of investors, researchers, big companies and governments. Even fraudsters appear to be tech-savvy.

Plastic bags are handy, but threaten our environment

[2016-12-13 08:06]

In the war against white pollution, the government should encourage research and development of environmentally friendly methods and technology for plastic disposal and offer incentives for companies and organizations engaged in the sector

Treat yourself in festive spirit, but focus on value for money

[2016-12-08 07:53]

We've heard stories about how Chinese tourists abroad have become more discerning and sophisticated, with shifts from snapping up bags to having a coffee or stroll on the beach. Perhaps the luxury travel craze is a phase.

Well before 11/11, tech majors can smile-and ponder

[2016-10-18 08:38]

India's online marketplaces are rife with fantastic deals on Chinese products, particularly tech stuff like smartphones, as well as toys, garments, even appliances.

Ladybro's tears shouldn't spell end of traditional stores

[2016-10-13 08:24]

In the red-hot highly-competitive Chinese retail market, quality and innovative products with recognized branding are becoming more and more important.

The unquestionable 2015-16 Chinese corporate hero is…

[2016-09-13 07:58]

It's been a year since I've relocated from India to work in China. I've an old habit of mentally tracking business groups and their bosses, and figuring who's the tallest of them all.

Olympic chances elude professionals

[2016-09-06 07:43]

The Olympics-induced buzz about cupping and other forms of Chinese healing could have been a new impetus to the occupation.

Beijing real estate offers limited opportunities

[2016-08-26 08:20]

According to property data base, Beijing rates as one of the most unaffordable cities to buy in the world with a price to rent ratio of 39.88, on par with white-hot London. It can keep going up, of course, but the room for future major increases seems more limited, and corrections possible.

Hoping for faster and sustainable batteries

[2016-08-19 07:25]

Like many mobile phone users, I have only one cellphone, but keep three chargers handy. I put them in my home, my car and my office to ensure that my iPhone 6 Plus doesn't run out of power anytime, anywhere. If I go out for a meeting or an interview, a portable battery charger is a must-take item, more crucial than a notebook, a pen or a recorder.

Ode to crayfish as a cure for smartphone addicts

[2016-08-18 07:45]

I used to cringe at the sight of people pulling apart crayfish, a popular summer dish for Chinese urban residents.

Let's have more 'Days' for joy, economic growth

[2016-08-17 08:03]

Reports on love-filled, business-boosting celebrations of Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day, last Tuesday, gladdened my heart.

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