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Chinese FAW aid African society

2013-03-21 10:52:16

At a manufacturing center in South Africa's Nelson Mendela Bay, local citizens and Chinese investors are working together to bring out the city's industrial potential.

VW launches new 5-yr 'green' plan

2012-12-03 05:10:38

German automaker Volkswagen is embarking on another long-term commitment to educate the young generation of Chinese about the environment.

BMW fund opens hearts for the needy

2012-12-01 08:55:41

The BMW Warm Heart Fund has played an important role in integrating the BMW family in various social responsible activities.

VW China CEO: Continued growth and innovation

2012-11-22 08:04:13

Editor's note: Participating in his first Guangzhou auto show, the new CEO of Volkswagen Group China Jochem Heizmann said he is confident about the German automaker's continued growth in China, the world's largest automobile market.

BMW helps drive China's top art scene

2012-09-27 07:47:42

German luxury car icon BMW has always been synonymous with high culture and the pursuit of the finer things in life.

James Bond's Aston Martin in auction

2012-09-07 15:10:24

An Aston Martin V12 DBS coupe is the top attraction at a charity auction marking the 50th anniversary of "Dr. No", the first 007 film.

Porsche helps rural children

2012-06-28 08:10:12

Initially focusing on young children in the provinces of Sichuan and Guizhou, the program will provide a comprehensive package of services and support for children under 3 years old.

Think tank focuses on sustainability

2012-06-25 07:56:24

"The business world needs expertise, knowledge and new ideas from top minds, especially in turbulent times."

A special music gala brought by Mercedes-Benz, dealers

2012-06-18 07:56:15

A group of children stood on the grand stage to deliver an outstanding percussion performance, using not drums and tambourines but different parts of a vehicle to produce an invigorating harmony of beats and rhythm. This was staged at the Great Hall of the People on June 15 in Beijing .

Roadmap for long-term corporate social responsibility

2012-06-18 07:56:15

Q+A: Klaus Maier

China a cornerstone in sustainable growth for Mercedes-Benz

2012-04-23 07:58:03

Growth in China's overall auto industry's may not be as strong in 2012 as in recent years, yet car sales are still predicted to be adequately supported by sustained growth in the economy.

BMW steers artists to a better future

2012-02-06 07:59:07

BEIJING - German luxury car brand BMW AG believes that supporting up-and-coming artists is the best contribution it can make to China's emerging contemporary art industry.