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Driving restriction taken out from draft amendment

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-08-25 09:53

Moreover, heavy use of coal has always been blamed for smog. The previous draft required gradually cutting coal use in consumption of primary energy. However, some legislators pointed out that the coal-heavy energy mix cannot be altered overnight, the Law Committee report said.

The new amendment then adds a clause saying the country should promote clean and efficient use of coal. Besides, it obliged local governments to ban low quality coal for residential uses.

In order to control the source of agricultural pollution, the new amendment requires local governments to promote change of the business-as-usual agricultural production, and circular economy.

Meanwhile, it bans dispersing highly toxic pesticides into trees and bushes in densely populated areas.

Control pollution from ships and vehicles

The previous draft authorized governments above county level to examine vehicle exhaust in parking lots.

The current version adds that vehicles running in streets may also be tested for emission pollution through means of remote sensing and other technologies.

Air quality in coastal areas is heavily impacted by ships which are fueled by sulfur-intensive heavy oil. In response, the current version proposed that a control area for pollutant discharge of ships be designated.

Ships entering the area must conform to relevant emission requirements.

Greater environmental transparency

Environmental authorities of the State Council should evaluate provincial-level governments on their attainment of air quality improvement targets.

Likewise, provincial-level governments will assess cities within their jurisdictions in this regard, and results of assessment should be made public, the draft says.

The draft also adds other items to be disclosed publicly, including air quality standard, catalogue of major polluters, contact information of environmental authorities and supervisors, test results of emission of freshly-manufactured vehicles, sources and fluctuations of air pollution in important areas.


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