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Mercedes-Benz taking mobility to next stage

By DU XIAOYING (China Daily) Updated: 2015-05-25 13:41

Today, Intelligent Drive systems are widely leveraged across each Mercedes-Benz model.

Later that year, Mercedes-Benz CONNECT was also launched as an in-vehicle telematics platform tailor-made for Chinese consumers.

The system has been welcomed by Chinese consumers, with an 88 percent activation rate and an average of 17,000 calls per day.

"We strongly believe that intelligent technology can turn the world into a better, more colorful, more pleasant place. But as much as intelligence is needed, cars are this special kind of product that contain and generate a lot of emotion as well," said Nicholas Speeks, president and CEO of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co. "The future will only work when science and art work together-not only for the next model generation, but far into the future."

Duan Jianjun, executive vice-president at Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co, Ltd, said, "Our Chinese interpretation of brand core, 'The best or nothing'-the untiring spirit of pursuing the best-fuses traditional wisdom with modern values and lets Chinese consumers know that whatever their dreams are, Mercedes-Benz will always help them dream bigger and reach higher toward a richer, fuller and more meaningful life."

Mercedes-Benz said it will continue redefining the future with intelligent vehicles featuring state-of-the-art innovations, top-notch quality, beautiful designs, as well as the utmost in comfort and safety.

In the near future, the automaker said it will strive to further improve its autonomous driving systems and create unprecedented means of mobility through its Intelligent Drive, telematics and connectivity technologies.

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