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Mercedes renews aid for national arts center

By Li Fangfang (China Daily) Updated: 2014-03-03 07:45

Mercedes-Benz kicked off the Year of the Horse in China with a renewed partnership agreement with the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Under the agreement, both parties are to continue their patronage of the arts in China.

A signing ceremony was held to mark the occasion, with attendees treated to a performance by the legendary Gurzenich Orchestra.

Mercedes renews aid for national arts center

Mercedes renews aid for national arts center

Mercedes renews aid for national arts center
The event showcased the diverse culture that defines Mercedes-Benz as well as the premium German automaker's unrelenting commitment to the development of art and culture, said company executives.

"The NCPA has been Mercedes-Benz' strategic partner since 2007, and we are proud that we will have another three years of strong cooperation.

"Together we are committed to bringing the world's best artists and performers to China, contributing to the development of arts here," said Nicholas Speeks, president and CEO of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co.

"As China continues cultivating world-class artists and musicians, Mercedes-Benz is honored to play a role in that growth."

Henry Li, senior executive vice-president at BMBS, added that Mercedes-Benz always believed that giving back to the community is crucial to achieving sustainable growth here in China.

"As chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Star Fund - our largest charity fund outside Germany - I am especially proud of our partnership with the NCPA and our continued efforts to promote art and music education in China," Li said.

"Moving forward, we will work more closely with our dealers, and we look forward to using this partnership to get them more involved in charity work."

Since the partnership began six years ago, the NCPA has hosted more than 9,000 performances and other events - including a series of art exhibitions - for more than 8 million people from China and abroad.

The institution has become an important platform for cultural exchange between the nation and the rest of the world and has also taken the lead in spreading arts education, said Chen Ping, head of NCPA.

"In the past six years, NCPA has held one successful event after another," Chen said.

"With the mantra of 'for the people, for the arts, for the world', the NCPA remains committed to the notion that art can change lives.

"And while the road ahead remains fraught with challenges, Mercedes-Benz has lent us crucial support as our first strategic partner and only automotive sponsor." In late 2008, Mercedes-Benz began sponsoring the "Weekend Concert Series", and it has since been held more than 100 times.

Chen said these concert events have given people - especially the disadvantaged groups - a chance to get up close with the arts.

Mercedes renews aid for national arts center
Mercedes renews aid for national arts center
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