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Great Wall Motors employees complain of harsh work culture

( Updated: 2013-07-17 13:55

Managers at Great Wall Motors view its unique business culture and rigorous management system as driving forces that contribute to GWM's growth and development. However, GWM's employees think differently.

Each employee receives a booklet about the business culture of GWM. Employees are required to recite it and take regular tests. GWM established a mysterious department to monitor its employees. The department is responsible for collecting evidence of employees' wrongdoings, Innovative Finance Observation reported Sunday.

But employees complain that GWM believes they should spare no effort to work and there is no excuse for making mistakes. If they don’t behave according to regulations, they are fined or even dismissed.

In 2012, GWM's net profits climbed 65.7 percent to 5.7 billion yuan. GWM sets an example for other enterprises in many aspects, such as cost control. Nevertheless, it seems to its employees that GWM has also effectively applied its cost control measures to staff welfare. Five employees have complained that they were so frequently fined that their passion for work was draining away.

Many employees, both at entry level and mid- and high-levels, have left GWM to work for GWM's rivals in order to work in a more comfortable environment.

In addition, it is difficult to resign from GWM because of complicated paperwork and procedures.

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