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FAW-VW's Audi sales hit 400k in 2012

( Updated: 2013-01-24 17:31

The sales of FAW-VW Audi surpassed 400,000 units in 2012, up 30 percent year-on-year. After reaching over 300,000 units for the first time in 2011, it achieved a leading edge of 100,000 units over its competitors.

The brand image of FAW-VW Audi has also steadily improved. A survey by a third-party agency shows that FAW-VW Audi is in the forefront of domestic premium cars in the categories of brand recognition, overall image, design style and dignity.

In terms of service satisfaction, FAW-VW Audi continues to retain the top position in J.D. Power's "China's auto sales satisfaction" and "China's auto customers' satisfaction" of premium car brands.

"Under the complicated macro economy situation and market background, FAW-VW Audi responded calmly, hitting new records in various aspects. We have fulfilled our commitment made earlier this year, actually achieving a high quality and strong growth," said An Tiecheng, a member of the board and general director of FAW-VW Automotive Co Ltd.

FAW-VW Audi's sales growth mainly comes from the steady expansion of the commercial and personal customer group brought about by its quick and abundant product structure.

Among the FAW-VW Audi, A6L in 2012 created a new annual sales record of 132,872 units (113,232 units in 2011). Meanwhile, the sales of domestic models Audi A4L and Q5 increased rapidly. A6L, A4L and Q5 took a large share in the domestic models market.

The sales of Audi A4L took the lead in exceeding 100,000 units (100,340 in 2012). Audi Q5 grew at a rate of 64.9 percent (89,488 units in 2012), continuously expanding the main customer group together with Audi A4L.

In addition, FAW-VW Audi's more than 20 imported models has attracted more young and fashion-conscious consumers due to dynamism and individuality. The sales of FAW-VW Audi's imported cars grew at the rate of 38.5 percent to reach 80,188 units, ranking first among the three major brands.

Based on the most robust growth momentum, Audi occupies the second position in the global premium car market with the sales of 1,455,100 units.

Audi has narrowed its sales gap with the top automakers from 200,000 to 80,000 units during the period from 2008 to present. Audi's has benefitted from its steady growth in the three major international markets of Europe, China and US as well as its buoyant growth in emerging markets such as Russia and India.


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