Business / Apple launches iPad Mini

First brush with the iPad mini

[2012-10-25 09:23]

At a news conference on Tuesday morning, Apple announced various upgrades that it will make to its Mac products. The most astounding of the announcements was that the company will release the iPad mini.

Tech companies place hopes in new devices

[2012-10-25 09:18]

A new round in the battle between US-based technology companies Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp has begun with the debuts of Microsoft Corp's Windows 8 operating system and Surface tablet PC and Apple Inc's iPad mini and new Mac notebook.

Microsoft launches Windows 8 as battle rages with Apple

[2012-10-24 08:06]

The US-based software giant Microsoft Corp on Tuesday released Windows 8, its latest operating system, in Shanghai in a bid to give it the upper hand in competition with Apple Inc and warm up the world's largest PC and smartphone market.

Apple launches iPad Mini

[2012-10-24 04:34]

Tech giant, Apple computers announced Tuesday morning a new addition to its genre breaking iPad tablet computer line, the iPad Mini, as well as a new fourth generation iPad.

The new iPad launched with little fanfare

[2012-07-21 09:38]

Apple Inc launched its new iPad tablet in the Chinese mainland market, this time without the overnight lines seen during the release of the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

New iPad 'will not fare well' on mainland

[2012-07-12 10:35]

Apple Inc will release the new model of its iPad on July 20, but the launch could be greeted with indifference in the Chinese mainland market.