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Foreign investors to trade carbon permits in Shenzhen

[2014-08-23 07:57]

China will allow foreigners to trade carbon permits in Shenzhen, making it the nation's first emissions exchange to welcome outside investors.

Nuclear power plant projects to be initiated in Liaoning

[2014-08-20 17:29]

Two nuclear power plant projects will be initiated in Northeast China's Liaoning province to optimize the energy structure in the northeastern area.

Chongqing launches carbon trading market

[2014-06-19 17:28]

Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality launched its carbon trading market on Thursday, marking the operation of all seven approved pilot trading programs in the country.

China adjusts taxation to promote PV power generation

[2014-06-12 09:18]

China's taxation authorities announced that buyers of distributed PV power should invoice for purchases, a move to reduce the tax burden on PV power producers and promote green energy.

Country will 'declare war' on pollution, cut energy use

[2014-03-14 07:39]

China will "declare war" in the battle against pollution, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday at the closing of the National People's Congress session.

Li stresses fight against pollution

[2014-03-13 12:25]

PM 2.5, particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers or less, has become a crucial issue for the public, and society needs to work together to win the tough battle against the issue, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.

Higher subsidies proposed for ecology protectors

[2014-03-13 08:35]

Deputies at the ongoing two sessions called on the government to establish a system for compensating residents who make a contribution to the nation's ecology.

Govt urged to introduce soil pollution control act

[2014-03-11 20:32]

The government should come up with a soil pollution control act for better protection of the ever-worsening soil and water conditions in the country, a political adviser said.

Advisors call for pollution figures

[2014-03-09 23:41]

Officials urge government to strengthen laws and their enforcement regarding the disclosure of pollution figures for industrial sites across the country.

Legislator gives hope of tougher environmental legislation

[2014-03-09 11:31]

Chinese top legislator Zhang Dejiang on Sunday pledged to enhance environmental legislation and oversight of pollutant emissions, as Beijing continued to be shrouded in a spell of lingering smog.

Lawmakers call for ecological laws to protect environment

[2014-03-06 22:48]

National lawmakers from Central China's Hubei province have called for drafting laws on ecological compensation mechanisms to better support the country’s efforts to protect the environment.

Beijing tightens supervision of gas stations

[2014-03-06 21:14]

To reduce volatile organic compounds pollution, or VOCs, Beijing's environmental protection authority said on Thursday that it will tighten supervision over oil and gas providers.

Environmental minister calls for public involvement

[2014-03-06 10:15]

China's Minister of Environmental Protection Zhou Shengxian called for the public to expose environment-damaging activities and vowed to severely punish those who commit them.

Premier vows to 'declare war against pollution'

[2014-03-06 01:14]

Building China into a beautiful homeland with a sound ecological environment was highlighted among issues concerning people's livelihood in Premier Li Keqiang's Government Work Report, delivered to the National People's Congress on Wednesday.

China declares war against pollution

[2014-03-05 10:17]

China will declare war against pollution and fight it with the same determination the country battled poverty as many parts of the country have been plagued by choking smog.

China to improve environmental protection legislation

[2014-03-04 15:22]

China's top legislature will continue to review the environmental protection law draft amendment and plan for laws on water and soil pollution prevention and control.

5 ways to battle smog

[2014-03-03 13:53]

Recent smog in Beijing sparked a debate on what can be done to reduce the haze and improve the air quality. Here are some of the measures authorities are taking.

Beijing vows tough stance on smog

[2014-03-02 17:31]

Efforts to curb the air pollution that has smothered parts of China take center stage at the opening briefing of annual two sessions meetings.

Beijing lifts heavy air pollution alert

[2014-02-27 08:49]

A cold front sweeps over Beijing on Wednesday night with rains and strong winds, dispersing the heavy smog that has blanketed the capital for a week.

Xi underlines smog battle during Beijing tour

[2014-02-27 08:49]

President Xi Jinping said the priority is to limit PM2.5 by reducing dependence on coal, strictly controlling vehicles and adjusting industry structures.

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