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New energy car subsidies likely to be expanded

[2010-09-09 14:27]

Subsidies for new energy vehicles are likely to be expanded to the manufacturing and usage sectors as the government releases preferential fiscal and taxation policies, said Xu Changming, head of information resource development at the State Information Center during an interview with China Business News on Wednesday.

China outlines roadmap in developing emerging industries

[2010-09-09 09:47]

The Chinese government on Wednesday stressed the importance for the country to step up efforts to develop emerging industries of strategic importance.

China restricts rare earths for environment: Minister

[2010-08-30 09:14]

China's decision to impose limits on production and exports of rare earths is based on concerns about environmental protection and national security and it is not contradictory to the rules of the World Trade Organization, Chen Deming, minister of commerce, told reporters after the third China-Japan high-level economic dialogue in Beijing.

Charging guides for electric cars to be issued

[2010-08-24 15:31]

China will issue three standards in October to regulate charging facilities for electric cars, the Shanghai Securities News reported Monday, citing an unnamed source from the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Pilot carbon reduction locations selected

[2010-08-19 08:14]

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's top economic planning body, said on Wednesday that it has selected a series of pilot carbon cities as a way of addressing the nation's carbon emissions issues.

China's industrial polluters given 2 months to close

[2010-08-09 14:20]

China's industry chiefs have warned more than 2,000 companies to close obsolete production facilities within two months or face cuts in credit and a suspension of government approvals.

China to unveil $739b 'new energy' plan

[2010-08-09 11:32]

China will soon publish a plan for what it called "newly developing energy industries" that will involve 5 trillion yuan ($739 billion) in investment through 2020, the China Securities Journal reported on Monday.

China scraps power sops for heavy users

[2010-08-07 09:10]

China has canceled all preferential power tariffs for energy-intensive industries directed by local governments in 22 provinces as of July 14, to curb expansion in energy-guzzling and polluting industries, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Friday.

China may launch environmental tax trial

[2010-08-05 15:49]

China may start trials for an environment tax in the provinces Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Gansu, China Business News reported its website today, citing an unidentified environmental planning official.

China may give electric cars, hybrids $15b jump start

[2010-08-04 13:54]

China may invest more than 100 billion yuan ($15 billion) in alternative-energy vehicles during the next 10 years to boost the industry, the Shanghai Securities News said.

New plan targets more pollutants

[2010-07-31 10:27]

China plans to introduce ambitious new targets for the reduction of major pollutants in the upcoming 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) as the nation strives to realize its green goals, a senior official said.

China seen quickening hydropower approvals: rpt

[2010-07-28 16:39]

China is likely to expedite approving hydropower projects from the second half of this year, or face missing its ambitious renewable energy target after cutbacks in the past five years, local media said.

Shanghai to submit alternative energy vehicles subsidy plan

[2010-07-27 11:43]

Shanghai will submit a plan to subsidize alternative-energy vehicles this week, the Shanghai Securities News reported today.

WB report highlights public policy's role in emission cuts

[2010-07-22 17:29]

A World Bank working paper published online today pointed out that urban transportation public policy could affect a city's CO2 emissions in more ways than one.

Carbon trading in pipeline

[2010-07-22 09:12]

China is set to begin domestic carbon trading programs during its 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015) to help it meet its 2020 carbon intensity target.
Domestic system for carbon trading

China may spend $738b on clean energy projects

[2010-07-21 14:03]

China may spend about 5 trillion yuan ($738 billion) in the next decade developing cleaner sources of energy to reduce emissions from burning oil and coal, a government official said.

Green norms for overseas investment soon

[2010-07-09 09:11]

China's government will soon come out with environmental protection guidelines for domestic companies planning overseas investments, ministry officials said on Thursday.

Energy usage set to tighten to curb excess

[2010-06-17 11:58]

Authorities will restrict energy supply in areas with excessive increases in energy usage and high energy-consuming industries, said a high-ranking official with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planning body.

Green car subsidy trials start in five pilot areas

[2010-06-03 07:54]

News of sector incentives pushes lithium-battery maker shares up

China gets tougher about protecting environment

[2010-05-29 11:56]

Provincial governments and key enterprises which fail to realize the year's missions in environmental protection and emission cut will be punished as the Chinese central government is taking a tougher stance towards improving the country's environment.