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Chengdu's foreign trade sees steady growth

By Li Yu and Peng Chao ( Updated: 2014-06-23 15:30

Chengdu's foreign trade has maintained a steady growth of 6.3 percent year-on-year in the first five months this year, despite the continuing downturn in the country's foreign trade.

Sichuan capital's foreign trade rose by 6.3 percent to reach $22 billion in the first five months, accounting for nearly 80 percent that of the whole province, according to Chengdu customs. During the same period, China's export dropped 2.7 percent and import fell 1.6 percent.

The city's foreign trade is expected to witness a boost with the upgrading of its logistics system. The Chengdu-Europe express rail, which starts from Chengdu and ends in Lodz, Poland, may operate a return route service this year, according to local officials. Chengdu is also the country's fourth largest air hub, with 73 international routes connecting it to cities around the world.

Sichuan's foreign trade increased 7.2 percent and reached $27.6 billion in the first five months, ranking 11th in the country. Foreign-invested enterprises Companies that have foreign investments are the biggest source of Sichuan's foreign trade, accounting for $12.7 billion.

Chengdu's foreign trade sees steady growth Chengdu's foreign trade sees steady growth
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