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Highlights of China's central economic work conference 2014

[2014-12-15 10:14]

The central economic work conference was held in Beijing from Dec 9 to 11, 2014. President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the conference.

2015: What is ahead for equities

[2015-01-06 13:26]

China's A-share market, suffering from depressed valuations for years, showed very definite signs of a rebound in 2014.

Economists recommend 7% growth goal in 2015

[2014-12-09 09:23]

China's top leadership will meet on Tuesday for a Central Economic Work Conference to map out economic and reform plans.

New normal to be logic of China's future growth

[2014-12-11 19:44]

Chinese central authorities said on Thursday that the country must understand the new normal, adjust to the new normal, and develop under the new normal.

China to keep 2015 growth

[2014-12-12 07:09]

China will strive to keep economic growth and policies steady in 2015 and adapt to the "new normal" of slower speed but higher quality, said a statement released after a crucial economic policy meeting concluded on Thursday.

Expert: Economic and social outlook of China in 2015

[2014-12-08 14:18]

Although China has managed to maintain a relative high growth of more than 7 percent, it needs to resolve some major issues, including the anti-corruption campaign, employment, and poverty reduction.

China could deliver 2014 growth targets 'relatively well'

[2014-12-11 19:28]

China could deliver its social and economic goals for 2014 "relatively well", with the economy staying within a reasonable range, a statement issued after the Central Economic Work Conference on Thursday stated.

Reform of central SOEs to speed up

[2014-12-11 08:22]

The nation will accelerate the reform of its gigantic central State-owned enterprises so they can expand globally, modernize their management and become more innovative.

Deflation 'may force central bank's hand'

[2014-12-11 07:27]

Further easing in consumer inflation and accelerating industrial deflation reflect stagnation, and that may push China's central bank to cut banks' required reserve ratios.

Demand for Web development jobs surging

[2014-12-11 09:07]

As China continues to embrace e-commerce, the demand will rise for professionals who can create user-friendly websites and applications that can engage customers.

Experts predict lower GDP growth target next year

[2014-12-10 11:06]

Economists expect the three-day Central Economic Work Conference to focus on preventing downside risks and promising to accelerate the pace of various economic reforms in 2015.

Chinese premier eyes moderate to high speed of economic growth

[2014-12-11 09:16]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said he looks forward to a moderate to high speed of economic growth for the country on Wednesday.

China exporting deflation claim not comply with fact

[2014-12-11 09:14]

China is actually the victim of global deflation, rather than the source of it.

Economists call for increased public spending

[2014-12-08 04:35]

Economists are calling for more proactive fiscal policies to counter the deepening slowdown in growth, as the annual work conference will start.