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Africa's growth dependent on addressing energy deficit: Senegalese president

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-08-29 11:25

DAKAR - Senegalese President Macky Sall has urged African countries to address the challenge of energy deficit to participate in the global value chain advocated by G20 countries.

The president was speaking earlier this week during an interview with Chinese media on the forthcoming G20 Summit that will be held in Hangzhou, eastern China, between Sept 4 to 5, 2016.

Sall will attend the forum in his capacity as the chairman of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

"To participate in this global value chain, we must take part in the industrial production as well as in the services sectors," he said.

"To achieve industrial production, we must first address the issue of energy. Everything is interlinked. But on this subject, through China's support, projects of hydropower stations are coming up across Africa to enable African economies access less costly energy. Once we have energy, we shall develop our industries," he said.

"Through industrialization of Africa, the continent will be able to strongly create this global value chain and enter the global economy. We must also participate in global trade by producing and buying, and not simply remain buyers as is the case today," he recommended.

With regards to the theme chosen for the G20 Summit -- "Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy," Sall said this vision of the world corresponds to that of African leaders for their continent.

"It is the same as the Vision 2063 that has been validated by the African Union. It is a vision for an Africa that participates in the global economy, one that is interconnected, and an Africa that participates in the technological revolution, with new information and communication technologies," he said.

"Therefore, despite us lagging behind in industrial production, we can catch up with the rest of the world by use of technology," he added.

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