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China locomotive of world economy, big partner for Lithuania

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-14 13:26

VILNIUS - Lithuania's first and former ambassador to China Dainius Voveris on Wednesday told Xinhua that China is a locomotive of the world economy, and a key driver in global markets.

"China is contributing to the growth of the world's economy. Its economic development provides immense economic opportunities for other countries," he said.

"What happens in China affects and will increasingly affect the world," he said.

Voveris said China's Belt and Road Initiative is of great importance to Lithuania. "One of its corridors might run through Lithuania, employing its developed railway and port infrastructure as the country's port city Klaipeda might turn into a hub for distributing goods," he said.

"Klaipeda port on the Baltic Sea with its developed infrastructure, ferry lines linking the port with countries around the Baltic Sea might serve as bases for distribution Chinese consumer export goods in Northern Europe and Scandinavia," Voveris added.

Regarding bilateral cooperation, Voveris said "potential is not fully exploited yet."

"Cooperation between Shandong province and Lithuania is one of a few good examples to be followed," he added.

China's investments and goods are welcome and needed in Lithuania, while Lithuania can provide high quality foodstuffs to Chinese consumers, said Voveris.

During the past 25 years, after diplomatic relations were established, there has been cooperation in various fields, growing trade and investment, according to Voveris. "Closer cooperation between the two countries would certainly open new areas," he added.

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