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Premier sends clear message on China's sustainable development

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-09-17 17:49

MEXICO CITY - The speech of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Summer Davos forum last week in Dalian, China, sent a clear message about China's sustainable development, a Mexican expert has said.

China's economic policies have yielded good results and showed great maturity in helping the country on the path of development, said Renato Balderrama, director of the Center for Asian Studies at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon.

China had made a clear analysis about the opportunities lying before it, he told Xinhua.

"China needs global markets, especially those in Europe and North America, to work with it," he said. "However, the quicker China can strengthen its internal market, the quicker a measure of balance can be returned to the global economy."

According to Balderrama, Li's words showed that China's economic deceleration would not deepen the international economic crisis.

This is proven by the fact that "China has always been ready to offer its currency to open up more economic opportunities. The country has always sought a constructive agenda ... and not to provoke economic problems," he said.

Balderrama believed that the Asian giant will succeed in implementing reforms to drive growth and consumption, although these will require adjustments to its economic model.

"China must work to improve its internal market while removing restrictions, helping out small and medium-sized enterprises and the banking system, and incentivizing innovation and patents. This is fundamental," he suggested.

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