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China hails landmark China-Mexico high-speed rail co-op

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-11-06 11:23

BEIJING - A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday hailed China-Mexico cooperation on Mexico's high-speed railway project, vowing that China will strengthen cooperation with the world in high-speed railway.

Spokesman Hong Lei said at a routine press briefing that it was a significant step for bilateral infrastructure cooperation that a China-Mexico joint consortium won the bid to build Mexico's first high-speed train project.

Hong called on the two sides to jointly build a benchmark project to promote pragmatic China-Mexico cooperation in various fields and enrich bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership.

China, with advanced technology, rich operation experience and international competitiveness, is ready to enhance cooperation with countries around the world in high-speed railway, according to Hong.

A Chinese-led consortium, including the China Railway Construction Corp and several Mexican construction firms, will build the high-speed railway that connects Mexico City with the industrial hub of Queretaro to the north, according to Mexico's Ministry of Communications and Transport.

China hails landmark China-Mexico high-speed rail co-op China hails landmark China-Mexico high-speed rail co-op
Chinese-led consortium wins Mexico high-speed rail project 
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