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Foreign wines gaining ground

[2012-05-08 10:28]

While sales of some well-known Chinese liquors have fallen lately, the demand for foreign brands continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Chinese quaff wine, snap up chateaux

[2012-04-27 07:39]

The vineyards of bordeaux and their sprawling residences are delighting the palates of wealthy buyers.

Spanish wine trader eyes Chinese market

[2012-04-23 15:07]

Attracted by Chinese consumers' growing demand of wines, a top Spanish wine distributor plans to tap into the world's second-largest economy.

Chasing the great tastes of Europe

[2012-04-23 14:42]

The wine dinner was confidently called "Splendor of Europe" as it paired award-winning Italian wines from Antinori with southern French cuisines.

China gets a taste of world's best wine

[2012-04-15 09:50]

Wine of Bolgheri of Tuscany, Italy is often compared to Bordeaux in France because of similarities in grape varietals. Ye Jun reports.

Wine special: Changyu expanding vineyards to capture market

[2012-03-31 08:12]

Changyu Pioneer Wine Co Ltd, China's oldest and largest winemaker, announced recently it will undergo a massive expansion of its existing vineyards and build another 20 high-end chateaus across the world's top grape-growing regions in the next five years.

Moldova links arms with Chongqing

[2012-03-28 18:21]

The Chongqing municipality pushes ties with the Republic of Moldova by signing a cooperation agreement in trade and tourism between the Golden Coast Marine Development Co Ltd and the Cricova Company in Moldova.

Spanish wines follow Iberian ham to China

[2012-03-25 07:48]

Alberto Alonso Diaz, commercial counselor at the Spanish embassy in Beijing, is leading a team in Chengdu this weekend to showcase the wines of his country. The occasion: the 2012 China Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair, which ends on Monday.

Show me your Ferrari, and I'll show you my wine cellar

[2012-03-23 11:39]

Expense, it seems, has no limit to those who have acquired a taste for wines.

China to boost wine industry

[2012-03-16 14:05]

A draft mapping out the development of China's wine industry was put under a panel discussion.

Old vineyards earn brand new recognition

[2012-03-12 16:18]

Some of the world's oldest wine-growing regions are receiving fresh recognition after many decades when the wine world knew little of them.

Ruby Awards rate reds and whites

[2012-03-06 13:33]

Representatives from embassies, media and the wine industry recently attended the Ruby Award ceremony, organized by Wine in China magazine to name the top 100 wines in the Chinese market in the past year.

Well, not all wines get better with age

[2012-02-25 08:30]

A friend gave me a mixed dozen for Chinese New Year, mostly from the mid- to late 1990s, and in recent days we tasted half of them to see how they were faring. It was an education.

Wine lovers to find Shangri-La

[2012-02-24 09:24]

Moet Hennessy agreed to form a venture with VATS Group Ltd to produce premium red wine in Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Vintners looking for another vintage year

[2012-02-20 09:59]

The sharp drop in the price of the legendary wine Chateau Lafite hit a bottom in 2011 and the price has registered a slight increase, according to a report from a Chinese wine exchange.

China ranks 5th of wine market

[2012-02-14 20:05]

China has joined the world's top five wine markets while becoming the 6th largest wine-producer, according to a new survey for VINEXPO Asia-Pacific.

Wines that know where they're from

[2012-02-04 07:49]

Some wines cannot help but echo where they are made. This week we discuss some of the best Antipodean reflections of this principle.

Chinese wine investors worry as rare vintages drop in value

[2012-02-03 10:17]

Tipsy Chinese investors drunk on the legend of Lafite wine have been rudely shocked by the cold economic fact that what goes up can come down.

Wine expert from Oz visits Shanghai

[2012-01-29 10:00]

The idea behind these gatherings: Guests can book the private room, bring their own bottles from their cellars, share the wine with friends and ask for comment from a wine critic or a winery owner.

Wine auctions a bit like gambling

[2012-01-16 10:19]

Last week in Hong Kong, Zachys, a US company, auctioned the extraordinary cellar of Joseph Weinstock, a close friend of the famous wine critic Robert Parker.