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Winemakers call for probes on EU imports

[2012-08-20 15:12]

Wine producers have applied to the Ministry of Commerce demanding investigations into whether European imports are damaging China's domestic market.

Fake Chateau Lafite wine seized in Shanghai

[2012-08-16 20:08]

Police in Shanghai's Fengxian district have broken a counterfeit ring that produced and sold fake Chateau Lafite Rothschild, one of the most popular wines in China, police said on Aug 16.

Wine imports give Chinese firms a hangover

[2012-08-14 07:56]

Chinese consumers' growing preference for imported wine is expected to pile further pressure on beleaguered domestic wine brands, according to industry analysts.

Chinese wine firms' sales decrease

[2012-08-08 17:47]

The income of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co Ltd, which has a 120-year history, declined in the first half of 2012 for the first time in the last five years.

French wine region aims Chinese market

[2012-08-07 10:54]

Rhone Valley plans to launch promotional campaigns in some major Chinese cities this September to tap into the rapidly growing market, an insider said Monday.

Rich pickings in learning white from red

[2012-08-04 10:27]

Oenology, a word almost unheard of in China a decade ago, has become an increasingly popular major among young Chinese.

Reds' star rises in the East

[2012-08-04 04:20]

As the global economic downturn hits Western demand for French wines, Chinese buyers are being viewed as the saviors of the industry.

Time to say hi to US wines

[2012-07-22 06:49]

Metropolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai are seeing a lot of wine-tasting events, organized by major wine-producing countries.

Thirsting for original taste of French wines

[2012-07-21 08:00]

A grape-picking trip to a vineyard in Champagne, France, two years ago sparked Wang Qiuyun's interest in French wines but she never thought she would pursue a career in the subject.

French wine campaign to lure Chinese enthusiasts

[2012-07-13 14:35]

Chinese tourists to France will find a variety of wine-themed tours from the Thursday launch of a wine and culture promotional campaign by a French tourism agency.

Alcohol drinks sales hit a high

[2012-07-09 09:18]

China's consumption of alcoholic drinks is expected to reach 84.37 billion liters in 2016. That represents an average annual compound growth rate of 5.9 percent.

Raising a glass to an unfamiliar vintner

[2012-06-25 13:46]

A wine company has been dedicated to promoting Argentine wine culture, taking an intoxicating approach to enable people to better understand the Latin American country.

China's appetite grows for meat from Uruguay

[2012-06-25 10:59]

Uruguay has increased its sales of high-value beef cuts in China, finding a niche in a market traditionally dominated by Australia and New Zealand.

US wine's potential in China uncorked

[2012-06-22 15:50]

American wineries are putting a greater effort in marketing to the Chinese palate.

Changyu: Leader in China's chateau wine

[2012-06-21 08:28]

When China's first coastal chateau for wine was built in Shandong province 10 years ago, few people understood why Changyu Pioneer Wine Co spent such a great sum of money to build it.

Top wine demand falls in Asian

[2012-06-11 10:22]

Compared with the past two years, Asian buyers' demand for top wines in 2011 fell significantly this year.

Wine firm vows to protect Lafite's image

[2012-05-26 09:42]

The widespread presence of counterfeit Lafite wine in China has pressured its producer to launch a campaign to fight fake products in the country.

China's wine investment market cools down

[2012-05-14 16:05]

China, the world's fifth largest wine consumer, has shown the sign of a cooling wine market.

Italian exposes fake brands in China

[2012-05-14 07:37]

De Sanctis has found many fake Italian brands, which are popular in China but do not exist in Italy.

New French wine campaign to tap Chinese market

[2012-05-09 14:17]

It may not be known yet if and when French president-elect Francois Hollande will pay his first official visit to China, but Chinese are already guaranteed the arrival of one famous French export -- wine.