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Dow unveils several green breakthroughs

By Du Juan (China Daily) Updated: 2014-10-08 07:57

As a science company that creates new technologies, the Dow Chemical Co has sought to integrate sustainability into every part of its operations to solve global challenges instead of simply throwing dollars at social responsibility projects, according to one of its top executives.

Dow Chemical has made several breakthroughs in an effort to improve sustainability in food and nutrition, fresh water and energy, and to address climate change, said Neil Hawkins, the company's corporate vice-president.

The company recently announced breakthroughs in the automotive and water treatment sectors aimed at reducing carbon emissions and raising the efficiency of energy use.

China has witnessed rapid growth in automobile use as its middle class has surged. Alongside that growth, automotive exhaust has become a serious environmental issue and the cause of much of the country's cities' air pollution woes.

Dow has developed a structural adhesive that can be used where traditional joining techniques such as welding and riveting are limited in their applicability.

According to Hawkins, many large Chinese automakers are buyers of these structural adhesives.

"This is a win-win solution. The new technology is beneficial to both the auto producers and customers in the country," said Hawkins.

Today's consumers take the environmental effect of products into consideration when they make purchases.

According to Dow, its technology has contributed to an estimated 23.3 billion kilograms of carbon emission avoidance and 2.65 billion gallons of gasoline savings since the structural adhesive was introduced in 1999.

Dow announced in March another breakthrough in water purification science designed to help fight global water scarcity.

Hawkins said the technology is able to deliver 40 percent better purification with 30 percent less energy in industrial operations.

Dow unveils several green breakthroughs Dow unveils several green breakthroughs

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