City of Guiyang seeking green growth


2012-07-28 16:14

Ecological development has become the name card of Guiyang, said Li Zaiyong, mayor of the city, Friday at a sub-forum of the Eco-Forum Global, Guiyang, in Southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

The government will strive to turn Guiyang into a well-off society five years ahead of schedule in the face of green transformation and inclusive growth, Li told his counterparts from other cities.

Guiyang would develop the green economy vigorously, promoting low-carbon lifestyle, transportation, consumption, construction and industries, according to him.

He pledged to blaze a trail of civilized development characterized by improved industries growth, affluent life and a sound ecological environment.

Li shared with mayors of other cities the ecological practices of Guiyang, which is a reputed summer resort of China.

In 2007, the Guiyang government decided to take a path of building an ecological and civilized city through scientific development, committed to building "six major ecological systems" in Guiyang, including green economic ecology, livable urban ecology, self-improvement cultural ecology, harmonious society ecology and coordinated political ecology.

Over the past five years, Guiyang has seen steady growth, with its per capita GDP rising from 15,731 yuan to 31,712 yuan and its ecological environment getting better constantly. A present, the city's forest coverage rate has reached 42.3 percent, and the urban air quality remains fairly good. The city's happiness index boosted significantly.

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