Bloomberg applauds China's green efforts

By Yu Hongyan (

2010-11-06 17

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he's heartened that some mayors in China are becoming interested in environment issues.

Some mayors from the Chiense mainland attend the two-day C40 Hong Kong Workshop on Friday, and talked about their anti-pollution and low-carbon initiatives.

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Bloomberg said China has started in the right direction in terms of trying to cut back its pollution.

"Job creation and economic development have always been modern-day China's No 1 priority. But now, for the first time, there is an understanding in China that the environment is something that they cannot walk away from," Bloomberg said on Friday.

Commenting on the US investigation into China's subsidies for its clean energy sector, Bloomberg said "the US should stop blaming others and take a look at itself."

"It is dangerous for us to focus on blaming others," Bloomberg said.

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