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Chinese wind energy equipment to enter Swedish market

[2014-02-22 13:41]

Wind turbines produced by China's Dongfang Electric Corp Ltd will soon be used in a wind power plant in Sweden, the company authorities said Friday.

University unveils new air purifier technology

[2014-01-07 01:07]

Chinese researchers have developed a new technology to clean up indoor air pollution that avoids secondary pollution that existing air purification products in the market can create if used improperly.

Mobile Device runs on solar and kinetic power

[2013-03-12 16:21]

The Infinite Mobile Device by Taiwan design student Tony Deng presents a more sustainable cell phone charging system.

Reduce energy demands with the Solar Skin

[2013-03-12 10:30]

The outer walls of the house are never exploited well. They just help mark the territory and prevent us from harsh sunrays, rainfall, winds, and cold weather. However, if you wish to extract much more out of plain walls of your house, then have a look at Solar Skin that will unfurl a multitude of functions for a better living.

Sustainable street light

[2013-03-11 14:56]

Sustainable street light presents an intricate blend of biological sculpting and automation

Hope of breeze

[2012-11-16 14:36]

The HOPE OF BREEZE is a light driven by the wind energy, with the shape of a traditional Japanese windbell.

Solar sunflower charger

[2012-11-16 14:09]

XDModo Solar Sunflower collects sun's energy through the solar panel to charge mobile phones.

Clever CoverFi

[2012-11-09 17:26]

CoverFi is a portable wireless router that resolves issues like low battery levels and charging inconveniences.

Solar Jelly

[2012-11-09 17:10]

The Jellyfish Light is a lighting design makes use of materials and utilizes suction and solar tech to provide lighting anywhere.

Romantic Rake

[2012-11-09 16:40]

The humble rake gets poetic justice with this beautiful concept called 'Reverse for Rebirth Romance Rake'.

Parking canopy made of recycled plastic bottles

[2012-11-09 16:20]

Designer Garth Britzman of Lincoln, Nebraska used recycled bottles filled with colored water to create stunning topographical shade canopy for a vehicle.

Recycled light bulb oil lamp

[2012-11-09 15:39]

The handcrafted oil lamps incorporate a classic incandescent light bulb in the design. The handmade base for the Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp is created from a solid wood half dome.

Paper kettle

[2011-05-24 10:27]

An Italian designer, Andrea Ponti, designed a recycled paper-made water container for the Milano Expo 2015, according to

Bamboo treecycle

[2011-05-05 10:26]

The Bamboo treecycle developed by MGT Engineering Ltd is on dispay at the 21th China Int'l Bicycle and Motor Fair.

Charger captures power from Wifi

[2010-11-22 14:08]

A US electronics company invented a charger that draws its power from Wifi signals.

'Green seeds' chewing gum bottle

[2010-11-22 14:05]

The "Green Seeds" chewing gum bottle designed by Jiang Gonglue makes it easier for you to deal with gum residue.

Bulb water heater

[2010-11-22 14:04]

A French graduate designed a kettle using an incandescent bulb to heat water, according to

Power generating turnstile

[2010-11-22 14:02]

The VIVA Design Team of Guangdong University of Technology was awarded for their design, the power generating turnstile, according to

Solar camera strap

[2010-11-22 11:25]

The Solar Camera Strap designed by Weng Jie features thin solar films across the width of a camera strap to harness solar energy when out in the field, according to


[2010-11-22 11:24]

A group of scientists from China's Taiwan has discovered a way to potentially add more trees to the urban landscape while reducing the number of street lights, according to

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